Help for Collies

The true cost of rescuing a dog is often much higher than the fees typically charged by a rescue organization. Here is an idea of how donations help us:

  • $10 - Every donation helps a needy Collie
  • $25 - Can pay for a rabies vaccination or a vet office visit
  • $40 - Can support the cost of a heartworm test
  • $50 - May pay for two vaccinations (Lyme, DHPP, etc.)
  • $100 - May pay for nearly half the cost of a neuter procedure (spays cost a bit more)
  • $150 - Supports the cost of a dental procedure for a Collie with serious dental issues
  • $200 - Pays most of the cost of initial treatment for a heartworm-infected Collie
  • $500 - Supports complete health care for a Collie that needs spay/neuter and multiple vaccinations
  • $1000 - Supports an extensive surgical procedure (removal of bladder stones, ACL repair, broken leg, etc.) or complete heartworm treatment for an infected Collie

  • Click here to donate via JustGive, PayPal, or Give MN. Donations benefit new Collies coming into foster care, and donations are also accepted in memory of a past Collie.

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    Become a Member

    The annual membership dues (currently $30) are a primary financial resource that supports MWCR's work on behalf of the Collies. Persons who are eighteen (18) years or older and who support, in good faith, the organization and its programs, may apply to become a member. Membership is required for MWCR's foster homes so that they are covered by our liability insurance.

    Click here to submit an online Membership Application


    Click here to download a Membership Application and return via mail


    The links below donate proceeds to Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue:

    Shop through Amazon Smile - If you currently shop through Amazon, use this link to help with donations to MWCR.

    Gray Gables Farm - Home made holistic products (10% of all sales donated to MWCR).

    Benefit Wines - Collie Isle Winery featuring MWCR Rescued Collies

    Janes Panes - Collie image stained glass (25% donation to MWCR)

    U.S. Bones - Dog Food, Treats, & Other Pet Products (25% donation to MWCR)

    Cafe Press - Branded MWCR merchandise

    Pawlees Treats - Be sure to designate MWCR and 10% will be donated to the Rescue

    Critters & All - Innovative products and rescue friendly

    Zeppa Studios - Shop by breed - use code MWCR and get a discount for you and MWCR receives 20%

    Best Bully Sticks - Use this link for Dog Food, Treats, & Other Pet Products (6% donation to MWCR)

    Participating search engines:

    iGive - Shop at many websites through this MWCR supporting link

    Good Search - Search the web


    MWCR always needs volunteers who have time and energy to devote to our various activities. Volunteers need not live in MN or WI, of course. Here is a list of some of the activities for which we could use helping hands:

  • Fostering a Collie - MWCR always needs loving foster homes for our Collies
  • Transporting dogs - usually the distance involved is a 70-mile or shorter leg
  • Helping at MWCR events or fundraisers, such as one of the Collie Frolics, the annual dinner, or pet expos
  • Joining MWCR's planning and events committee
  • Helping with fundraising activities such as Give to the Max Day in November (GiveMN)
  • Doing home visits or making phone calls to references
  • Contributing to the Newsletter, taking photos, helping market MWCR
  • Assisting with the Web site or providing other technical support
  • Offering other skills and services that would help MWCR fulfill its mission
  • Email Us to Become a Volunteer

    Foster Homes

    MWCR always needs foster homes (see above!) in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and surrounding states. Foster care is an essential part of most rescue organizations and is the most effective means of assessing rescued Collies, insuring their good health, and instilling basic house manners and obedience. Most Collies are in foster care for a limited time - several weeks, perhaps - but occasionally longer-term foster care is necessary, too.

    Many rescued Collies are younger adult dogs, often between the ages of two and five, surrendered because they've become "too big," "too rambunctious," "stubborn," etc. - all of which indicates lack of effective training when the dogs were puppies. Other rescued Collies are older dogs who are wonderful household companions surrendered because their owners no longer have time for them or are moving to a place that doesn't take dogs or cannot afford necessary veterinary care. Foster homes provide the love and care the Collies need, along with good food, toys and treats, and medical care funded by MWCR.

    MWCR's Foster Home Application is a legal contract between the foster home and MWCR. MWCR is the official owner of all foster Collies, paying for medical care and, occasionally, assessment by a behaviorist or work with a trainer. Foster homes treat the Collies as members of their families and foster the Collies long enough to understand the best environment for each dog's eventual home placement.

    Click here to apply to become a Foster