Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I rehome a Collie?
  • How are adoption fees determined?
  • Do you adopt to homes outside of Minnesota & Wisconsin?
  • How/Where can I meet a specific Collie?
  • How do I know my Collie found a good adoptive home?
  • How do I rehome a Collie?

    To talk with MWCR about rehoming a Collie, please leave a message on our Rescue Line: 1-612-869-0480 or email us at with any questions. We will return the call or email and will ask for basic information about the Collie, such as age, health history, personality and traits, etc. We ask for as much information as possible in order to match the Collie with a foster home and, eventually, with a new owner. MWCR has an Owner Relenquishment Form to be completed, and we ask for copies of veterinary records.

    After a Collie is accepted into MWCR, our Foster Home Coordinator attempts to find a foster home, and after a foster home has been found, makes arrangements to pick up the Collie. Owners may be asked to drive to meet an MWCR volunteer who will transport the dog to a foster home. Collies normally remain in foster care for at least two weeks, during which time they are examined by a veterinarian and given any necessary medical care. MWCR adopts Collies only to owners who will treat the dogs as part of the adoptive families.

    How are adoption fees determined?

    MWCR's adoption fees are set at a level calculated to cover the average costs of taking in a Collie. Some surrendered Collies need extensive medical care which is partially funded by adoption fees, donations, and other funds, while other Collies need relatively little medical care. On average, the adoption fees are intended to partially offset the cost of caring for foster Collies.

    Do you adopt to homes outside of Minnesota & Wisconsin?

    We do adopt Collies to applicants in other states although there can be some hurdles to face. One issue is finding a volunteer to do the home visit that is part of our adoption process, but other rescue groups are often able to help us out. Another is that it is sometimes hard to arrange long distance transport. We have a pretty good network of volunteers in MN, WI and surrounding states but outside this area arranging transportation is more difficult. Because of this, depending on your location, you should probably expect to do the majority of the traveling. Our goal is to find the right match between a Collie and its forever home so we are more than happy to work with you to make that happen.

    How/Where can I meet a specific Collie?

    Because all of our Collies are fostered in volunteers' homes, which are spread out across the Midwest, we do not have a facility that you can visit to view adoptable Collies. In order to ensure the best match possible, we require that the application process be completed before putting an applicant in touch with a Collie's foster home.

    How do I know my Collie found a good adoptive home?

    MWCR screens adoption applicants by requiring an adoption application, checking personal and veterinary references, and doing home visits. We make every effort to match a Collie's personality to the best adoptive home, and in case a placement does not work out, MWCR always takes a Collie back into foster care if need be. MWCR cannot tell a previous owner who adopted a particular Collie, but sometimes new owners are willing to send updates via a third party.