Status: Available

Type: Sable-Headed White Rough Coat

Age: 1 year - Nov 2012

Gender: Female

Foster Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Good with children: Older children, she's still has some puppyish behavior

Good with other dogs: Yes socially, but would be best as an only dog

Good with cats: No

Special needs: Fenced Yard

Reference #: 3049

Pearly's Story

Pearly is one of those collies who just did her job too well. For hundred of years, collies have been bred to herd, so when her owner moved to a horse ranch, she did what came naturally and herded the horses. Unfortunately, the horses didn't really appreciate Pearly's activities and the decision was made to surrender her to MWCR.

Pearly is a very sweet girl who loves everyone she meets: men, women, children and other dogs. She enjoys meeting new people and is always friendly with strangers. She is very interested in cats, but this is mostly because she likes to chase them. For this reason and for the peace of mind of kitties, it would probably be best if Pearly lived in a feline-free home or with dog-savvy cats who know how to stand up to an overly curious young pup. Although she likes all humans, she particularly loves men and would be a great companion for any active guy.

Although she is a year old, Pearly is really still a puppy at heart. She is active, playful and curious about her environment. Even though she is house trained, her foster family crates her when they leave the house and at night. She doesn't mean to be destructive, but there are just so many interesting things for an eager young dog to investigate: waster paper baskets, stray socks, plastic bags – the opportunities are endless. Her inquisitiveness also means that when she goes outside for a call of nature, she often spends too much time investigating and not enough time doing what she is there for. It will help if she has a fenced yard where she can take her time, check things out, and eventually get down to business.

Pearly's ideal home could include other playful dogs, children and fun-loving adults. She should probably have a fenced yard to keep her safe, since her herding instinct might lead her to chase cars, bikes and joggers when she is off leash. Pearly is very tender and loving when receiving affection and will enjoy quiet time with her people once the active play time is over. This little girl will be a loving addition to any family – but no horses please!