#2929 – Jack

Status:   Available

Status: Available
Type: White Smoothie with Sable Merle markings
Age: 9 months
Birthday: July 14, 2011
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Unknown, but with his disabilities, older kids would be best
Good with other dogs: Yes, although he should only live with confident, firm dogs who will stand up to him. He could also be an only dog.
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Working on it....He goes to the door when he needs to go out, but does not bark.
Foster Location: Watertown, SD
Special needs: Must have a fenced yard, preferably at least 6 feet high! Jack is a special needs dog. He is deaf and has limited vision in only one eye. The right eye socket is sewn shut.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: In many ways, Jack is a very special collie boy. As his photo shows, he is a smoothie without the traditional “Lassie” coloration. Instead, Jack is almost completely white, with only a few sable spots to remind us of his famous relative. He is also a special needs boy who was born deaf and with limited vision. For medical reasons, one eye socket has been sewn shut, which leaves Jack with a perpetual, mischievous wink.

Yet in many other ways, Jack is just a typical collie pup. He loves to play, loves to snuggle and - like puppies everywhere - loves to get into trouble. He came to MWCR with his sister and is being fostered by a member who is highly experienced with dogs who have visual or hearing impairments. As she will tell you, though there are things that set Jack apart, there are far more traits that make him “just one of the family.”

Jack loves people. Although he is still a puppy and relatively active, there is nothing he enjoys more than snuggling up on the couch for a nap with his foster dad. He is very tolerant of grooming, probably because it involves being close to his people, and anything that includes getting close to his family is okay with Jack. He has not lived with children, but would almost certainly be good with older children who could understand his physical limitations. Little ones might unintentionally startle or frighten him.

Jack's foster home includes kitties and he has a “live and let live” attitude toward those of the feline persuasion. He also gets along fine with most other dogs, although he has shown a tendency to bully his very submissive, canine foster brother. He should probably live in a home where he is either the only dog or where his canine companion is a confident dog who will put Jack in his place when necessary.

Jack is perfecting his house training, but still needs some work. He will go to the door when he needs to be let out, but does not bark, so he should either be let out regularly or carefully watched. He is crate trained and his foster family crates him at night, when they leave the house and when he eats. He is possessive about his food, so it makes sense for him to take his meals in his crate. Jack likes to go for walks and is learning to walk politely on a leash. He is fairly good in the car, though he needs help getting in and out, and he is a little uneasy at first. He is a very quiet boy who rarely barks except to welcome his family home. Jack is an eager-to-please guy who could be taught a number of commands and behaviors using the “touch” method.

Jack is looking for a forever home with a fenced yard where he can safely play and enjoy the outdoors. Older children or a confident doggie companion would be fine, or Jack would also be perfectly happy as his family's “one and only.” He is an extremely affectionate guy who would be a wonderful companion for a person or couple who could be home with him for at least part of the day. Jack's special needs require some extra precautions, but for the most part, he is like every other cuddly collie boy. His foster mom would love to remain in touch with his forever family and would be happy to help with any questions that they might have.