#2832 – Sean

Status:   Adopted

Status: Adopted
Type: Sable & White
Age: 11 Years
Birthday: March 2000
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, teenage kids who are respectful of an older dog.
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Deerfield, WI
Special needs: A bit of stiffness in his hips makes it difficult for him to deal with uncarpeted stairs.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: Handsome, laidback, gentle Sean needs a quiet new forever home for his golden years.   This dignified, mature collie is in good health and is described by his foster family as a "grand old man" and "a perfect gentleman."  He will go into a crate willingly, but is so well behaved that he is fine when given the run of the house.  And while a fence is desirable, Sean has little urge to wander.

Sean is friendly and respectful to one and all:  people, dogs and cats. He eats slowly and is so easy going that he will share his bowl of food with other dogs.  His favorite pastimes are to sit outdoors, follow his people from room to room, or to sleep on the bedroom floor, under the table or on a fluffy blanket.

But even a mellow fellow has a few things that he doesn't like.  For Sean, those include vacuum noise, grooming and being startled when approached while he's sleeping. 

So why is such a well behaved, nice collie suddenly in need of a new home?  Sean was part of a family that included two teenagers and two other dogs.  Unfortunately, one of the family members was allergic to dog fur.  The allergies became so severe that the family was finally forced to give up their dogs for the sake of the owner's health. 

Sean moves slowly and methodically.  He can't jump and needs help getting in and out of the car, though he rides well once inside.  He enjoys short walks, snuggling and scratches along his lower back and he walks well on a leash.  He knows his name and the command "come."  He needs work on his recall and "stay," but is treat motivated and cooperative, so he is easy to train.

A quiet home where Sean will be the only dog or will live with an equally laid back companion is best.  Since fast-moving, unpredictable young children make him nervous, any kids in his new family should be age 16 or above.  Climbing stairs can be a challenge for him, so if his new home is has multiple stories, he will need carpet or assistance to move from floor to floor.

If you're willing to share your home and your heart with this beautiful senior, submit your application to adopt Sean today.