#2898 Lou

Status:   Adopted

Lou, in his furever home with Mom and GR sister Lacy!

Status: Adopted
Type: Mahogany Sable & White
Age: 10 Years
Birthday: June 18, 2001
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, with kids 8+
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Circle Pines, MN
Special needs: He has some storm/wind anxiety, but this is readily soothed by the sounds of his personal humidifier.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: Lou's life with MWCR began 8 years ago when he was sprung from an Iowa shelter just minutes before being forced to take that final walk across the Rainbow Bridge. He had failed miserably as a "farm collie tending to his duties" and for this flaw he had been turned in to the kill shelter. Once in the loving hands of his MWCR foster family, this handsome and very sociable boy never looked back. Clearly, he wasn't cut out to be a working dog, unless that work involved winning your hearts with his friendly, loving, gentle nature!

Lou lived with his adoptive family for 8 years, but when they recently had their first child they realized that Lou wasn't as good with infants as he is with older, playful children who like a bit of rough and tumble action. He is something of an attention hog, and they felt he might feel slighted by the time spent caring for the infant and the much less frequent trips to the dog park that had been his home away from home prior to the birth. They made the difficult decision to return him to MWCR. So, once again Lou found himself back with his former foster family, looking for a home where he could spend his golden years.

To watch him in action one would never guess his age, as he handles stairs both carpeted and wood like a youngster and jumps in and out of a car with ease. This spunky boy is also very playful, and will happily fetch a ball you care to throw for him, play with stuffed toys, and play tug with a rope toy. He can be left alone with free reign of the house with no concerns whatsoever, but he doesn't like to be crated or confined behind closed doors or baby gates that separate him from the family. He loves car rides, although he can be quite vocal in his excitement, and off leash time at the dog park is great fun for Lou. Kids he is around should be older, dog-savvy children who won't be startled by his herding tendencies and his attempts to wrap his paw around their legs. He does have some fear of loud noises such as thunder and fireworks, but these are usually easily soothed by placing his personal humidifier nearby to calm him.

This handsome boy, while older in years, doesn't act his age, and when he rests his head on your knee and bats his big brown eyes at you pleading for you to pet him, it is enough to melt the hardest of hearts. If you let him, he will gently paw at you, and even crawl right up into your lap to be your cuddle bug. He also enjoys a good belly rub. Lou doesn't like to have his picture taken, and when the camera comes out, he turns his head so that you capture his good side -- which seems to be both his right and left sides equally! About the only time you can get a view of his face is if a savvy cameraman can snap a shot while another party is providing him with a good belly rub! While he has quite an impressive knowledge of commands, his leash walking skills could stand some improvement. Thus, he needs a refresher course on the commands "no bark", "no paw", and "heel."

Chinese dining etiquette says that one should never be offended by slurping or belching sounds. Clearly Lou is a devotee of that train of thought! At meal time, he will sit like a gentleman before the food is served. He eats in an uncharacteristically leisurely fashion, taking his time to chew every morsel and savor the meal, then he finishes it off with a hearty belch right in your face!

Lou's ideal furever home would be in a moderately active household with no small children. While a fenced yard is preferred, it isn't essential unless his furever home is in a busy neighborhood with lots of passing dogs and motorcycles. He is an average sized dog, with above average amounts of love and affection to give in return. And, no, Mr. DeMille, Lou is NOT ready for his closeup!