#2872 – Tori

Status:   Adopted


Status: Adopted
Type: Sable & White Smoothie
Age: 8 Years
Birthday: June 21, 2003
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, age 10 and over. She will likely not have the patience for toddlers.
Good with other dogs: Only very submissive females. Great with low key males. She is not good with in-your-face type dogs.
Good with cats: Probably not.
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Manchester, IA
Special needs: Very dominant and intolerant of dogs that are not submissive. She gets along great with her sister, Abby. She needs a fenced yard.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: Tori is another of the sweet, smooth coated collies that came from a breeder who was getting out of the business. She is a sister to Abby, and like Abby she has spent far too much time by herself in an outdoor kennel. Until she arrived at her foster home, Tori had never been inside a house, but she has learned quickly and loves the indoor lifestyle.

Tori is housetrained on a schedule but so far does not “ask” to go out. She is generally well behaved, though she has, on occasion, done a bit of counter surfing, and she is very interested in exploring her new environment. She has been left unsupervised for an hour or so and could eventually be left for longer periods. She is used to eating and sleeping in her kennel and will “kennel up” when asked, though she doesn’t like being in there for prolonged periods. She is tolerant of all forms of grooming, knows her name and responds to a variety of commands such as “here,” “kennel,” “potty outside,” and “enough.” She walks nicely on her leash and rides well in a car in her crate.

Tori is definitely the dominant dog in the group of collies that came in the recent breeder surrender. She is intolerant of “in your face” dogs of either gender and wants to have control of the yard at her foster home. Although she doesn’t bite other dogs, she can be loud and snappy to let them know that she is in charge. She gets along well with her sister Abby and the neutered, resident male dog who is submissive to her. Ideally, she would do best as an only dog or with her sister Abby. She would also probably get along with a low key, submissive male. Tori has not been exposed to cats and it is unlikely that she would do well with them.

Tori likes children and enjoys attention from them. She is moderately active for her age so she would make a good companion to kids 10 or older. She should have a fenced yard to play in and roam around safely.

Tori is a smart girl who apparently knows how to tell time. Her foster mom reports that if she is even a minute or two late in serving breakfast or dinner, Tori lets her know it (bark, bark, bark, wag, wag, wag!) Because she has been de-barked, she doesn’t have a lot of volume, but she gets her point across none the less.

Tori is a happy, loving girl who is looking for a forever home where she can be the queen bee. Another dog will be acceptable as long as it is her sister Abby or someone who understands that Tori is in charge. She would love a yard to play in and older kids or fun loving adults to play with. Otherwise, her needs are few: breakfast at 8:00 and dinner at 6:00. SHARP!