Status:   Adopted

Buddy and his New Furever Family!

Status: Adopted
Type: Sable & White
Age: 7-8 Years
Birthday: December 2002 or 2003
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, yes, yes!!!
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Poynette, WI
Special needs: He requires a fenced yard. He also has an auto-immune condition and a sensitive stomach and cannot tolerate table scraps. He requires a home with at least one child who will play with him. He is wary of stairs that are not carpeted.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: What’s in a name? In this case, everything!

Buddy is a sweet, loving boy who wants to be everyone’s best friend. He loves all humans but is especially devoted to children. In his former home, he was allowed to run free and would sometimes disappear all day so that he could visit the children at the local elementary school. Sadly for both Buddy and the children, there was a rule about no dogs on school property, so he was asked to leave and not return. He is really hoping that his forever home will have children for him to love and play with.

At his foster home, Buddy loves being around his human foster brother and always sleeps in his room at night. He particularly enjoys it when the boy reads to him, so anyone with children who want to practice their reading skills will have an eager and appreciative listener in Buddy.

Buddy also loves to spend time with the adult humans in his foster family and will play fetch for as long as someone will throw the ball (or the toy, or the Frisbee or whatever). He is the kind of dog that believes any attention is good attention. He is very playful and thoroughly enjoys running and frolicking with the other dogs at his foster home. He even enjoys the resident cats and wants to be their buddy too.

Buddy has an auto-immune disease which has given him some minor problems in the past, but he is otherwise a happy, healthy boy. When he first arrived at his foster home he had a bump on his nose which was removed and found to be a result of his auto-immune condition. It is not expected to return.

Buddy is a smart boy who knows all the basic commands and loves to meet new people and shake hands. He enjoys his walks and is good on a leash unless a squirrel crosses his path – then he wants to give chase. His foster mom believes that using a gentle leader would help minimize the “squirrel incidents.” Buddy is fully housetrained and though he would prefer to always be with his people, he can be left alone without any problems. He is somewhat wary of stairs, but will get used to them if they are carpeted. He suffered a broken paw in his previous home and is, perhaps, afraid of re-injuring it.

Buddy is a happy, gentle, loving collie who will make a wonderful addition to almost any family. He should probably have a fenced yard, because he is used to roaming free and could easily wander off and get lost. He would be a great playmate for other dogs and dog-friendly cats, and he would be a gentle, devoted pal for children of any age. You won’t find a better buddy than Buddy.