#2682 – Ross

Status:   Adopted

Status: Adopted
Type: Sable and White
Age: 1-1/2 Years
Birthday: June 3, 2008
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, but too rambunctious for young ones.
Good with other dogs: Yes, but plays a bit rough for them.
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Paullina, IA
Special needs: Must have fenced yard as run, run, run is his favorite game, especially if someone is coming towards him! He wants to be adopted with his lady love, Sasha.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Co-Pawsonality for February 2010!!! Hi, I’m Rossy. My sweetheart Sasha and I are the Valentine Co-Pawsonalities of the Month, because February is the month of love and ours is a 'tail' of love. Sasha and I came from two different states and arrived at our foster home six weeks apart, but when we met, it was love at first sight (she’s soooooo beautiful)!

Our love is more than fur deep though. We soon discovered that we have a lot in common: we’re the same age; we like the same things; and we both understand what it’s like to live outside alone without anyone to love us. For cuddly collies like me and Sasha, there is nothing worse than being separated from our people and our doggie friends, so we are determined to never let that happen again.

During the day, Sasha and I love to run and play. She’s in great shape (take it from one who knows) and I could chase her fluffy collie bottom around the yard all day long! We also like to play with our many toys: tug toys, chew toys, stuffed toys, etc. One of our favorite things is to find a nice stuffed toy and see who can pull the stuffing out fastest. Sometimes I let her win but sometimes she wins because I spend so much time just looking at her that I forget to de-stuff it – did I mention that she’s soooo beautiful?

Well, that’s enough about me. Now Sasha is going to tell you a little bit about herself.

Update: December 6, 2009 For Rossy it was love at first sight. Sasha played hard to get for awhile and tried to pretend that she “just wanted to be friends,” but eventually these two playmates discovered that they were soul mates. They love to run and rough-house together and when they are thoroughly tired out, they like to snuggle together.

Now that they have found one another, it would be cruel to separate them. For this reason, MWCR has decided that Sasha and Rossy should be adopted together. If you have room for these two young lovers, you will find that they not only have lots of love for one another, they also have lots of love for you.

Update: October 12, 2009 For Rossy the world is a mystical, magical place. Because he spent most of his short life outside, almost everything he sees is new and special to him, and his foster family says he is a lot like their five year old grandson who is exploring and experiencing the world for the first time.

Rossy recently discovered the joys of camping when his foster family took him and the resident collies on a camping trip. Initially, the new experience had Rossy so over-stimulated that he was barking at everyone and everything he saw. But he is a quick learner and soon learned that while in the park he needed to use his “indoor” voice. He loved his new experience and especially enjoyed the road trip, since riding in the car is one of his favorite things.

Having canine companions is also new to Rossy and he quickly discovered that his foster collie siblings did not appreciate it when he jumped on their heads and necks and was generally “in their face.” His alternative has been to concentrate on the other end, and now he amuses his foster mom by pulling and grabbing the tails of the other dogs, just like the mischievous little boy who pulls the girls’ pigtails. He has learned, however, that when one of the dogs growls or snaps, the game is over.

Rossy’s foster mom has been teaching him a few commands and he is a quick and willing learner. He knows “sit,” “lie down,” and will shake hands with either his right or left paw on command. He also knows he must sit quietly before he is fed. He will go into his crate when told to do so, but he makes no effort to conceal his misery at being separated from his people and won’t even eat a treat when he is in confinement. He is learning that it is not acceptable to jump up on people and though his excitement sometimes gets the better of him, he is very good about not jumping on the family’s young grandson.

Of all the new experiences that Rossy is enjoying, the best is the wonder of human love and companionship. He adores being with his people and studies their every move with bright, shining eyes. He loves to be near and lean into them and sometime sits so close that if they move, he topples over.

Rossy is looking for a forever family that will continue his education and help him explore the amazing world around him. He is still very much a puppy and will need a place where he can work off his youthful energy. An active canine companion would be fine, but he would also be happy as an only dog as long as his family would play with him and include him in their activities. In helping Rossy to learn about life, who knows, you may just discover that the world is, indeed, a mystical magical place.

Description: Ross is a beautiful one year old sable and white collie who loves to play, play and play some more.  Grooming, other dogs and cats are also on Ross’ list of things that he likes, but most of all he enjoys being around people. 

Ross came to MWCR after living with a family that loved him, but his sometimes rough style of play overwhelmed the family’s toddlers. For the good of all concerned, the family decided that Ross would need to find a new home.  While Ross is fine with the dog-savvy five year old in his foster home, it’s recommended that his forever family not include small children under age 5.  Because other dogs may be bothered by the style and intensity of his play, Ross may also be best as an only dog.

Ross loves to play fetch.  But his favorite game is “chase me,” and he excels at it.  Ross recently gave his foster family a scare when he slipped out of the house in a flash and ran out of the fenced yard.  He led his foster parents on a barefooted, merry chase for several minutes.  The chase was great fun for Ross, but was an exhausting experience for the foster family.  To reduce the risk that he’ll run away and get lost, a fenced yard is an absolute must for Ross’ forever home.

One of Ross' amusing habits is that he likes to dig in his water bowl, splashing water all around and leaving just a little in the bowl to drink.  Perhaps he's trying to wash his paws.

Ross knows several basic commands.  He is completely housebroken and responds well when walked using a gentle leader.  When he becomes overly excited he may nip, jump or bark, but he does respond to gentle correction from his owner.

An active, sociable, easy-going young collie, Ross is still learning his manners.  He can be a bit stubborn and will need patient owners who are willing to provide additional training.  The return on investment will be huge:  a delightful, friendly, well-behaved, life-long best friend.