#2518 – Sir Reginald, AKA Reggie II

Status:   Adopted

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Status: Adopted
Sir Reginald, AKA REGGIE II
Type: Sable and White
Age: 6 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes, older dog-savvy children
Good with other dogs: Yes, as long as they are not alpha/dominant
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Paullina, IA
Special needs: Needs fence; NO birds!
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Post-Adoption Update: October 15, 2008 MWCR’s success stories usually involve a previously homeless collie finding a loving home where he brings joy and companionship to his new people. In Reggie’s case he has done this and more. His new family loves him dearly and describes him as “quiet, refined and beautiful.” Reggie fit in immediately and bonded quickly with his new people. But Reggie also brought joy to the family’s other dog, a cocker who was mourning the passing of a canine companion who had been the little dog’s best friend. After the cocker’s buddy died, his entire personality changed. The previously well behaved dog became “naughty” and would keep his family awake at night with his misbehavior.

Enter Reggie. Although Reggie is not a dominant or aggressive dog, the cocker immediately recognized him as “top dog” and seemed to feel that the old order had been restored. The two are now best friends and the cocker is his old self again, well behaved and sleeping through the night.

Reggie’s happy ending became a happy ending for the whole family.

Description: Hi! I’m Sir Reginald and I’m the new Pawsonality of the Month. In spite of my aristocratic name, I’m really just one of the guys, so you can call me Reggie. I was picked to be the Pawsonality of the Month because I have lots of unique traits that make me very Pawsonable!

For instance, even though I look like a blonde, I am really a “green” collie at heart. I help my foster family save lots of energy in a bunch of different ways. At night when it gets cold, I cuddle up to my foster mom and keep her warm. With me in the house you will be able to turn down the thermostat and save lots of money on heating bills. But that’s not the only way I can save energy. I like to lie on the rug in front of my foster mom’s shower so it is warm and toasty when she steps out. Sometimes she puts her towels there and I warm them too! And who would want to drive their gas-guzzling car when they can walk somewhere with me on their arm? Also, whenever I get a chance, I conserve water by helping my foster mom to “pre-wash” the dishes before they go into the dishwasher. I’m saving the planet!

Of course I have a fun-loving side too. My foster mom and dad sometimes get really busy, so I bring them a ball or a toy to remind them that it is time to stop and smell the roses. I just stand there (looking remarkably cute if I do say so myself) with the toy in my mouth until they get the hint and take a little break from their busy schedule. It works every time.

I also have a more spiritual, new age side. Foster mom likes to call me her “dream catcher” because whenever she has a really bad dream, I wake her up by licking her face. I am not big on giving kisses otherwise, so she knows that I am doing this to help her wake up.

Well, that’s me: Reggie the “green” collie. I love the planet; I love people; I love other dogs; heck, I even love cats! Remember, winter is coming and if you want a cuddly, body hugging, towel warming, dish cleaning, dream catching collie to keep you warm and happy, I’m your guy.