#2441 – Shadow, FKA Zanzibar


5-year-old mahogany sable male  Should not be around CatsShould not be with other dogs

Update, December 13, 2007

Zanzi’s confidence has been growing by leaps and bounds. He is finally learning what it means to be part of a family, and he is loving it. Zanzi’s foster mom believes that in his previous home he must have had very little human contact and no interaction with active, playful children, since initially he was very jumpy around kids. Now he happily accepts petting and treats from the five children who visit his home daily, and would do well around any dog-savvy children.

Zanzi loves attention in any and all forms. He follows his foster mom around the house and gently nudges her elbow if he doesn’t think he is getting enough petting. He welcomes his daily brushing, primarily because it means someone is showing him love.

Zanzi has not been exposed to cats at his foster home, so they are an unknown quantity. He tends to be jealous when the other dogs are getting attention, and has demonstrated some food aggression with them. He will play with them, but occasionally the play will escalate in into a fight.

Zanzi has been neutered and is a healthy, well mannered boy. He is ready for a forever home that will help him continue to grow in experience and confidence. Ideally, he would like to be an only dog, so he can soak up all of his family’s love and attention. He is a sweet, loving collie who can’t wait to become a loyal member of a doting, forever family.

New to Rescue!

Zanzi is the Rip Van Winkle of collies. Although we don’t know anything about his past, since coming to MWCR he is like a collie coming out of a deep sleep and viewing a world that is new and unfamiliar. He doesn’t react to this new world in a negative way; he just studies the situation and after some encouragement is willing to give the unfamiliar thing a try. Even the simplest things are a mystery to him: a book, a microwave oven, everything.

When Zanzibar first came to MWCR he was the apparent victim of poor nutrition and neglect. He had been picked up as a stray and his lovely coat was dirty, matted and dry. With some grooming and lots of high quality food, however, he will soon be the handsome boy that he is meant to be. He eats well, but is somewhat food aggressive and needs to be fed separately from other dogs. Poor Zanzi seems to be afraid that if he doesn’t protect his food dish, he will end up going hungry. He is also jealous when other dogs are being petted and obviously comes from a situation where food and love were in very short supply.

In spite of his limited life experience, Zanzibar knows how to conduct himself in the house and has had no accidents or incidents of destructive behavior. He has been completely safe with furniture and limits his chewing to his toys and chew bones. He is a quiet boy and only barks when in the midst of vigorous play.

Zanzibar will need a forever home that does not include other male dogs, since he has shown some aggression toward them. It would also be desirable for him to have a fenced yard.

Zanzibar is a smart boy who already knows the commands “sit” and “go out” and willingly comes when called. He accepts brushing, probably because he loves the attention. He walks well on a leash with no pulling, and eagerly jumps into the car to go for a ride. He is obviously curious about this new world, but is also a little shy and wary.

Zanzi is looking for a loving home that will give him the affection that he craves. He came to us hungry for food, but his hunger for love is even more urgent. If you aren’t petting him, he will give you a little nudge as if to say, “Here I am. Please, please pet me!” He will need a forever home that does not include young children, male dogs or cats. A gentle, submissive female dog would probably be okay, but Zanzi would really love a home where he can soak up all the attention. Please help awaken this lonely boy to a world of warmth, love and affection.

Zanzibar is being fostered in Green Bay, WI.