#2389 – Whitney


7-year-old sable and white smooth female 

New to Rescue!

It is a lady’s prerogative to never have to reveal her age, so Whitney is a little miffed that her age is being published on the MWCR website. It is especially annoying since this perky, playful, seven year old girl doesn’t look or act a day over three!

Whitney is a delightful girl who is the perfect blend of fun-loving energy and cuddly affection. She loves people of all ages and sizes, but because of her bouncy nature, she does best with older children who are less likely to be accidentally knocked over. She also gets along very well with other dogs and when she initially met the resident collie at her foster home, Whitney broke the ice by giving him a big collie kiss. With an opening like that, it is not surprising that they are now fast friends who love to play and run together. It is unknown how she would react to cats.

Whitney is a bright, well mannered dog who is totally housebroken, crate trained and very well behaved in the house. She is smart and knows all the basic commands including “sit,” “stay,” “come” and “down.” She walks well on a leash and shows no interest in chasing cars or motorcycles. She also likes to go for rides in the car and willingly hops in for a quick road trip. She doesn’t bark excessively, though she will “speak” on command.

Whitney came to MWCR from a loving home where she was well cared for. But when her owner retired and moved in with his daughter, the condo association would not allow him to bring Whitney along. Whitney’s happy nature and good manners reflect the love and care that she received all of her life. She is a well adjusted girl whose only fear is of thunderstorms and firecrackers. These things are terrifying to her and cause her to tremble and pant, and she will seek comfort by cuddling up to her person for reassurance.

Whitney was well behaved on her trip to the vet, where she received a check up, vaccinations and a nail clip. Her vet did notice a heart arrhythmia which may need to be followed up with an EKG, but she has shown no signs of illness or limitations.

This happy-go-lucky girl would make a perfect companion for almost anyone. She doesn’t need a fenced yard as long as she is supervised when outdoors. She would be a great playmate for older children and a fun-loving buddy for another dog. She is also an affectionate cuddler who likes nothing better that to snuggle up with her person and give lots of collie kisses. Whitney will lavish her forever family with playful energy and warm hearted affection. All she asks in return is lots of love and someone she can snuggle up to when the thunder rolls.br>
Whitney is being fostered in Oakdale, MN.