#2347 – Tanner


12-year-old mahogany sable male 

New to Rescue!

It is no fun to reach your golden years and suddenly find yourself homeless. Yet that is exactly what happened to Tanner. After twelve, happy years with the same family, Tanner’s mistress died and there was talk of putting him to sleep. However, the family vet felt that Tanner still had some happy, healthy years ahead of him and suggested that he come to MWCR.

When Tanner first arrived at his foster home this handsome, mahogany/sable boy was understandably a little shy and confused. In no time, however, he warmed to his new, foster family and has shown himself to be the ideal houseguest. He is extremely sweet and easy going and gets along beautifully with everyone he meets: adults, kids, dogs, even cats. He is perfectly house trained, completely house safe and knows several commands including: “come,” “lie down” and the ever popular “let’s go outside.” Tanner loves the out of doors where he will happily watch the birds and other critters for hours. He also likes to go for walks to explore his neighborhood and is well behaved on a leash.

As an older, collie boy, Tanner has some arthritis in his rear legs and hips, but his vet has prescribed Etogesic which helps immensely. He has been neutered, weighs about 69 pounds and can be a somewhat finicky eater.

Tanner is looking for a forever home where he can enjoy a warm bed, some fluffy butt rubs and an opportunity to watch the birds and smell the roses. He is looking for someone who understands that you don’t have to be a young pup to love and be loved.

Tanner is being fostered in Duluth, MN.