#2447 – Mokey, FKA Sebastian


1-1/2-year-old sable and white male  Not good with Small ChildrenMust have a Fenced Yard

Before his makeover...

Update January 10, 2008!

Mokey just made his first visit to the groomer and the results are stunning. This handsome boy is even better looking than we could have imagined.

When Mokey came to MWCR he was heavily matted, and it was necessary for the groomer to cut out some of the worst ones, so he currently has a little bald spot on his otherwise fluffy butt. He has a really thick, lovely coat and will require regular brushing to keep it in tip top shape. The good news is that he not only loves brushing, he also loves baths. During his visit to the groomer, Mokey was so relaxed in the tub that the groomer had to keep waking him up! This guy obviously enjoyed his spa day.

New to Rescue!

Are you ready for some puppy kisses? Mokey is about 18 months old, but he is still quite the puppy at heart, and he loves to give kisses to everyone he meets. Mokey knows no strangers and is filled with love for all creatures: adults, children, other dogs, cats, even birds. When he is outdoors, he likes to show his love by barking at and chasing those creatures, a form of affection that isn’t always appreciated by the neighborhood cats and bunnies. He even likes to chase the birds as they fly by.

Mokey lived his entire young life as an outdoor dog and his foster home is teaching him the joys of the indoor lifestyle He is almost fully housetrained and his only accidents have come when his foster family failed to recognize his “I need to go out” signals. He is extremely smart and in a very short time has learned “sit,” “lie down,” “get down,” “no,” “come” and “bring it.” He has learned that when he is outdoors a tap on the window means it is time to come in and he willingly comes to the door. He loves to be brushed and is learning how to walk on a leash. Due to his desire to chase and his puppy enthusiasm, he sometimes pulls and get distracted though. Riding in cars is still a new experience for him and he is a little nervous about the whole procedure.

As Mokey makes the transition to being an indoor dog, he is experiencing many new things. He is gradually getting used to stairs and does not like slippery floors. Unfamiliar indoor noises frighten him and when he is afraid he becomes shy and nervous. He is never aggressive, however, and a little calm reassurance will restore him to his happy, playful self. Because he is still a puppy, his foster family confines him to one room when they are gone for extended periods. Like all puppies he loves to chew and doesn’t always distinguish between chew toys and favorite slippers, so it will be important for his forever family to puppy-proof their home.

Mokey currently weighs only 58 pounds and will need to put on quite a bit of weight. However, though he is short on bulk he is very long on love. He loves to play with the other dogs at his foster home and his favorite game is “steal the other dog’s bone.” He loves the cats and seems to understand that the indoor kitties are not to be chased. He loves toys, loves treats, loves chew bones, loves attention, loves pretty much everything!

Mokey is a happy, healthy, fun loving collie boy who is now ready for his forever home. It is essential that his home have a fenced yard, due to Mokey’s desire to run and chase, and another active, playful dog would help him get used to unfamiliar experiences and would allow him to run off some of that puppy energy. He would love to play with older children (age seven or more), but might be a little too energetic for toddlers. Dog friendly cats would also be a plus. Most importantly, Mokey is looking for a forever family that is ready to be loved.

Sebastian is being fostered in Paullina, IA.