#2425 Pepper Ann


10-year-old tricolor female 

New to Rescue!

This beautiful, tri-color collie girl lived her entire ten years as an outdoor dog, with her only shelter a plastic doghouse placed next to the garbage cans. What a sad and lonely life for a sweet natured, affectionate collie.

Pepper is quite healthy and energetic for her years and the only sign of her age is a slight limp. She is totally housebroken, very quiet and asks for nothing but a little love which she returns ten fold. She is good on a leash and very well mannered in the car.

Pepper Ann loves all creatures great and small. She is kind and gentle with other dogs, cats and even ferrets, and is wonderful with humans of all ages. She is looking for a forever family who will help to make up for all those lonely years spent living by the garbage cans.

Pepper Ann is being fostered in the Madison, WI area.