#2391 – Kobe


17-month-old sable and white male  Must have a Fenced YardShould not be around Cats

New to Rescue!

Kobe is a happy, playful, friendly collie who is really still a pup at only 18 months. He has boundless energy and like his namesake, his ball handling skills are legendary: he will chase and fetch a ball or a Frisbee for as long as someone will throw it. (And unlike that other Kobe, this one has never held out for more money or demanded to be traded to a better home!)

In spite of his youth, Kobe is well behaved in the house, fully house broken and has had only one minor “chewing” incident. When he was discovered and told “no,” Kobe was appropriately contrite, and the incident has not been repeated. He does not need to be crated and for a collie, he is fairly quiet. He will “yip” to try to get people to play with him, but he responds quickly to the mere sight of the squirt bottle. He knows several commands including “come,” “sit,” “shake” and “lie down.” He is working on his recall and is learning not to jump up on people when they first arrive home. He is eager to please, but sometimes the excitement of seeing his family again, just gets the better of him.

Kobe loves everyone he meets. He is very friendly with strangers of all species and sizes: men, women, kids and other dogs. He absolutely loves to run and chase with the dogs at his foster home, but his rough and tumble play is sometimes a little excessive for the older dogs. He also loves children, but for the same reason, he would do best in a household with children age ten or older. It is unknown how Kobe would react to cats, but given his youthful enthusiasm, his forever home should probably not include any felines.

At only 18 months and through no fault of his own, Kobe’s life has already included two moves. His first family couldn’t keep him because they lived in an apartment, and his next home decided they didn’t have time for a young, active dog. This time, Kobe wants a family who understands that young, energetic dogs need time, attention and room to run. He will definitely need a fenced yard where he can play and run off some of that puppy enthusiasm.

Kobe is not only a puppy in spirit; he believes that he is still a puppy in size. He loves to lie on his back, put his head on someone’s lap and wiggle and roll around. He would love to be a lap dog, if only a sufficiently large lap would present itself.

Kobe is ready for an active, fun-loving, forever home. He will need a fenced yard, lots of walks and perhaps a young, energetic dog to play with. In exchange, Kobe promises to play his heart out for the sheer love of the game, and to provide his family with a lifetime of joy, companionship and love.

Kobe is being fostered in Moorhead, MN.