#2327 – Jewel


3-year-old blue merle female

New to Rescue!

Looking at this beautiful, roly-poly girl, you would think she didn’t have a care in the world. But Jewel’s past has left her fearful, timid and not fully socialized. She was very tense when she arrived at her foster home, and it took her quite awhile before she felt secure and began to fully trust her new foster family. It is believed that Jewel suffered verbal and/or physical abuse in her past life.

Now that Jewel has acclimated to her foster home, she loves to play with her stuffed toys and balls. She is good with the other dogs (though she does get a little bossy about her food) and is also fine with cats. She likes the children as long as they approach her one at a time. Strangers and groups of people still frighten her and she will run and hide. Jewel is a gentle girl and when she is afraid, her approach is flight – not fight.

Jewel’s foster mom says she has the softest, most beautiful coat that she has ever seen on a collie. She loves to sit on the floor with Jewel, stroking and hugging this loving, plush sweetheart. Jewel is fully housetrained and is a healthy, well behaved, three year old.

Jewel is looking for a forever home that is calm and low key. She would get along fine with gentle children and could gain confidence from living with another dog. She will, of course, need time to adjust to her new circumstances and bond with her new family, but once she learns to trust, she is an extremely sweet and loving girl. Jewel is waiting for the forever family who will help this gem become the strong, confident girl that she wants to be.

Jewel is being fostered in Minneapolis, MN.