#2439 – Franny
AKA, Mrs Frances Joyce Beagley-Collie


12-13-year-old mahogany sable and white female mix 

New to Rescue!

How could someone look into those soulful, adoring eyes and then toss her away like garbage? But that’s apparently what happened. Franny was found in a drainage ditch in rural Minnesota and taken to a shelter, but no one came for her. So now this sweet natured, well behaved girl is living at a MWCR foster home, waiting for someone who will love her forever.

At 12-13 years old, Franny has a few ailments, but is basically quite healthy for her age. She has some stiffness that makes it difficult for her to walk down stairs, but going up is no problem. She is blind in one eye due to an old injury and has a cataract in the other eye, but can still see and still has her hearing. She loves going for walks and trots along at a nice pace until she encounters some interesting scent that needs investigating.

Franny is a very good girl who is fully house broken and well behaved. She is a small girl (under 50 pounds) who is calm and gentle. For an older girl, she still has some zip in her nature and is fully capable of telling off her young, foster collie brother if he gets too rambunctious. But Franny’s favorite occupation is just being near her human, being petted and loved.

Franny is looking for someone who will look into her eyes and see their best, forever friend.

Franny is being fostered in Esko, MN.