#2369 –Draco


~5˝-year-old mahogany sable male  Not good with Small Children

New to Rescue!

Draco is an extremely handsome, stately Collie boy who will be six years old in August. He is neutered, healthy and has a glistening, mahogany sable coat.

Draco was surrendered by his original family because they felt he might be too aggressive for their one year old child. An older sibling apparently had played very roughly with Draco, throwing tennis balls at him and hitting him. Needless to say, Draco became understandably wary of children. Although his foster family has seen no signs of aggression in him, it might be best if his forever family does not include any young children. He does not like to be groomed and he particularly does not like having his nails clipped.

Draco is friendly and affectionate with both men and women, and he is also good with other animals (including cats). He is well behaved and obedient, walks well on a leash, and when off leash he stays close. He comes promptly when called and will probably not need a fenced yard. Although Draco doesn’t wander away from his home, he does like to travel and is always ready to hop into the car and go for a little spin.

Draco is a talkative boy and tends to express himself when playing or when other dogs or strangers walk by. Once inside the house, however, he is calm and well mannered. He does like to sleep on beds and furniture, but if told to get down, he obeys promptly. Sometimes, the yummy smells coming from the garbage can are a little too tempting for Draco, so it is important to keep it out of his reach. He is allergic to pork products and needs to be kept on a strict rice and lamb formula food. He is also afraid of loud noises and responds by hiding.

This well mannered, handsome boy is ready for a forever home that will lavish him with love and attention (and the occasional “road trip”). He is a happy, loving Collie who will make some lucky family the perfect friend and companion.

Draco is being fostered in Duluth, MN.