#2430 – Dawson, FKA Deacon


6-year-old sable and white male 

New to Rescue!

All dogs are easy to love. This is particularly true of collies with their gentle, Lassie-like ways. But sometimes a dog comes along who is just impossible to resist. That’s Dawson.

Dawson is the perfect combination of friendly, tail-wagging playfulness and gentle, cuddly affection. He has a unique talent for winning the hearts of the humans who meet him, as his foster dad learned shortly after Dawson arrived. Dad was napping on the couch and Dawson approached and put his head on the pillow, right next to him. When foster dad awoke, there was Dawson’s face, inches from his own, ready to provide a wake-up collie kiss. Another heart won!

Dawson came to MWCR from a shelter where he was taken after having been found wandering homeless. He had obviously been on his own for some time as his coat was a mess and he was very thin. He can still afford to gain 10 to 20 pounds, but regular grooming is bringing his coat back to its natural beauty. Dawson loves to be brushed and tolerates bathing. He is fully housetrained and can be left alone in the house without any worries. Outdoors he likes to explore, but always keeps his foster mom in sight and has shown no inclination to wander away.

Dawson has been checked over by the vet and is scheduled to be neutered on November 15th. The vet found some internal scarring on his right eye and a few missing teeth, but he is otherwise in good health. He may also have some slight hearing impairment.

Dawson is a sweet, friendly guy who loves everyone he meets. He can be slightly reserved when he first meets someone new, but he warms up very quickly. He loves children of all ages and the attention they give him, and is excellent with other dogs. He is also good with cats. Dawson walks well on a leash and can even be walked by his foster mom’s five year old granddaughter. He is an extremely quiet boy and his foster family has barely heard a peep out of him.

Dawson would be a joyful companion for almost any family. He doesn’t need a fenced yard as long as he is supervised when outdoors; he is well mannered and quiet; and he gets along with dogs, cats and children of all ages. His only requirement is lots of love, and with a sweetheart like Dawson, that should be no problem.

Dawson is being fostered in Hartland, WI.