#2456 – Baby


2-1/2-year-old sable and white female  Special Medical NeedsRequires expensive medical treatment in foster careRead what ‘Heartworm Positive’ means

New to Rescue!

You would expect a dog named “Baby” to be a real cuddle-bug and in this case you would be absolutely right. Our Baby is a sweet, mellow, snuggly girl who likes nothing more that to curl up near her people. Prior to coming to MWCR she was exclusively an outdoor dog, but she has adapted beautifully to the indoor lifestyle and is really enjoying soft doggie beds and chew toys. She is perfectly housetrained and when her family has to leave her alone, she goes willing into her crate. At night, however, she is given free range of the house and has always behaved well. She comes promptly when called and understands “kennel” and “go potty.”

Baby is a gentle girl who gets along well with everyone. She likes other dogs and was curious about the one cat she encountered. Baby particularly likes soft spoken people and is somewhat nervous around folks who are too loud and boisterous. For this reason, she would probably be happiest with adults or older children. She is unusually quiet for a collie although she will bark at passersby.

When Baby came to MWCR it was discovered that she was heartworm positive and on January 16th she was treated. For one month following treatment, Baby must live a quiet, subdued life without too much activity. After that time, she is expected to make a full recovery and should experience no ongoing problems. Like all dogs, Baby must be kept on heartworm prevention medication!

Once her heartworm treatment is complete, Baby will be ready for a loving forever home. She would be fine as an only dog or would be a great companion to another playful, gentle dog. Her only request is for a home where she will have lots of affection and cuddle time, and it is an interesting coincidence that she will be ready for adoption around Valentine’s Day. This little sweetheart says, “Be Mine.”

Baby is being fostered in Blaine, MN.