#2388 – PJ


6-8-year-old sable and white female 

New to Rescue!

You’ve come a long way, baby!

In PJ’s case this is true on many levels. She has certainly come a long way geographically, since she came to MWCR from a Kansas shelter where she was taken when she was found wandering as a stray. Thanks to a caring MWCR adopter, she was rescued from the shelter and started on her lengthy journey to Wisconsin. It was a long, frightening trip for this little girl, but MWCR volunteers were there to help her every step of the way.

PJ’s health has also come a long way. When she first arrived, she was covered in ticks and had not been spayed. During her spay, it was discovered that she had cysts on her ovaries that, though they were totally non-cancerous, had been causing her discomfort for some time. She also has a slight limp from what the vet believes to have been an old injury, but it does not cause her any pain and she is not on any heavy medication for it. She is now tick-free, spayed and healthy.

PJ’s longest journey, however, has been an emotional one. She is a sensitive girl who loves people, and her time as a stray and in the shelter was traumatic for her. Now that she is in a safe and loving environment, little PJ is blossoming. She knows her name and will use her nose to nudge you into petting her. She gets along fine with the other dogs at her foster home and she absolutely loves attention from children. According to her foster mom, this loyal, loving girl will follow you to the ends of the earth.

PJ is petite but solid, weighing in at about 64 pounds. She doesn’t know many commands yet, but she is house trained and behaves well indoors. She is easily startled by loud noises and when walking on a leash, traffic makes her nervous. She has a somewhat sensitive stomach and any changes in diet tend to upset her system. For this reason, her foster mom is careful to avoid giving her any treats or food with wheat or corn products in them. PJ has had a full dental and is missing a couple teeth. She has a bewitching little “Lauren Hutton” gap between her front teeth and soulful brown eyes that will steal your heart. She is believed to be between six and eight years old, though the vet thinks she is closer to six and PJ isn’t telling.

PJ will make a wonderful addition to almost any loving home. She would do best with a fenced yard or in a situation where she was on a leash under supervision. She would be an affectionate, caring companion to both adults and gentle children. PJ has come a long way, but she has one more trip to make: the trip to her perfect, forever home.

PJ is being fostered in Wauwatosa, WI.