11-year-old sable and white female

New to Rescue!

Savannah is a beautiful, ten year old, sable collie with a disposition as warm and sunny as the southern city after which she is named. Unlike many of the collies who come to MWCR, she came from a loving home that reluctantly surrendered her due to a change in residence. Although she was previously an indoor/outdoor, farm dog, she has adapted quickly to city life. She walks well on a leash, enjoys lounging on her pet bed, and is well behaved when left alone in the house while her foster family is at work.

Savannah loves everyone – adults, children, babies, cats and dogs. She and her ten year old, collie foster sister play for hours despite their age. They particularly enjoy chasing rabbits, squirrels and mallard ducks in their back yard. Savannah would also like to play with the two thirteen year old kitties in her foster home, but they ignore her attempts, being much too dignified to play with a mere dog!

Savannah is a relatively quiet girl who rarely barks, except when she and her foster sister see the dogs next door out in their yard. Then they both bark and bark until they are let outside. Savannah is not afraid of lawn mowers or vacuum cleaners and will occasionally “nip” at the vacuum cleaner just to show it who is boss. She loves to go for walks, and will squeal with joy when she sees her foster mom putting on her walking shoes.

Savannah rides well in the car and recently visited the vet who confirmed that she is in excellent health and who commented on her youthful good looks. She does have a touch of arthritis and takes glucosamine supplements which help tremendously.

Savannah is a wonderful, loving collie who will bring happiness to her adoptive family for many years to come.

Savannah is being fostered in the Twin Cities.