10-year-old sable mahogany female

New to Rescue!

Neat! Sweet! Petite! That’s our Sally

But Sally arrived at her MWCR foster home in pretty sad shape. She was seven pounds underweight, had an eye infection, an ear infection, a urinary tract infection and fleas. Yet in spite of all her misery, Sally was a sweet affectionate Collie girl, reveling in her foster family’s attention and grateful to finally be in a loving home.

In the week that Sally has been in foster care, she has already gained two pounds. She is on antibiotics, and as soon as her infections clear up and she gains a little more weight, she will be scheduled for spaying. Things are really looking up for this gentle girl.

Sally is a very well behaved little lady, who rides well in the car, LOVES children and is extremely quiet – not a woof out of her so far. Sally prefers the company of humans to that of other dogs and generally considers cats to be creatures unworthy of her attention. Once she fully regains her health, she will make a wonderful, undemanding, “only” dog for some lucky family. As long as she has a warm bed, kind words, an occasional tummy rub and lots of love, Sally will be a happy girl.

Sally is being fostered in Duluth, Minnesota.