Poet, formerly Pope


9-year-old Tricolor male

New to Rescue!

Poet is a slender 9-year-old, tri-colored gentleman who is housetrained, crated trained (although he doesn’t need to be crated!), and has perfect manners with everybody he meets. He also walks well on a leash, and with a little positive encouragement, could learn “heel” very easily.

Coming from a loving home that had to relinquish him due to a death in the family and the illness of the remaining family member, Poet’s personality reflects years of attention and quality care. Other than a penchant for the garbage can and kitty litter box, easily remedied by keeping both out of collie nose reach, Poet displays a demeanor of friendliness, playfulness, and sociability with dogs, cats, kids, and the world in general. Especially kids – he loves them – small ones, big ones, all kids! He is past the rough and tumble stage, and is at all times gentle.

Poet does have hypothyroidism, which is treated with an inexpensive medication given twice daily. He will need to have his thyroid levels tested every year with his annual exam, and will always need to be on this medication. It would be nice if Poet had a yard with a fence, as he tends to wander where he feels like wandering. He will come back if called, so if his new home does not have a fence, he would need to be monitored at all times while outdoors.

Getting a good rubdown is one of Poet’s favorite things. He will walk through your legs wanting you to scratch his back and big fluffy rear end, for which he’ll show his appreciation by doing a little “happy dance.” Poet doesn’t mind brushing, but prefers you to take it slow if working through any tangled areas.

Being a typical collie, Poet does tend to bark if excited, and (good boy!) if he needs to go outside – also, of course, while playing, and he may bark right in your face, meaning no harm – just saying “Come on, Let’s play some more!!!!” (If you are a youngster, that bark can be pretty close and loud). After the excitement is over, he will quiet down quickly.

He knows his basic commands, and wouldn’t mind a refresher course if his new owners were so inclined. This gentleman of a collie, who grumbles very cutely when his ears are rubbed, just wants to be near you. As his foster mom says, “Whoever adopts this boy will be winning the collie lottery!”

Poet is being fostered in Saint Francis, WI.