4-5-year-old mahogany sable female

New to Rescue!

Madeline is a sweet, old fashioned girl.  Her gentle ways and loving nature have quickly won the hearts of everyone who has met her.  Although nothing is known of her past, her foster mom  believes that she must have originally come from a loving, attentive home, since she is so well behaved and affectionate.

Most recently, Madeline came to MWCR from a Wisconsin shelter where she was taken after she was found as a stray.  Her homeless time had taken a toll on Madeline for when she was checked out by the vet, she was found to be positive for Lyme disease and whip worms.  She is being treated for the whipworms, and will need to continue that medication until August  She needs to go to the vet for a recheck in November for the Lyme disease.  At that time, she should be fully recovered with no residual effects.

Madeline is perfectly housetrained, completely non-destructive and can be left alone in the house without any concerns.  She loves both adults and children and is good with other animals as well.  Madeline is thought to be about four years old.  She is playful, but is beyond that wild, out-of-control, puppy stage and she walks well on a leash.  Her only fault is that she does like to sleep on the couch and the bed, but her foster mom is teaching her to stay "off."

If you are thinking that Madeline is the perfect collie, you would be right!  She is gentle, playful, well-behaved and loves everyone she meets. She is ready for a forever home that will continue to give her medication and will treat her with the kindness and affection she so richly deserves.

Madeline is being fostered in DeForest, WI.