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Post Adoption Update L

Our sweet Lilly was diagnosed with Heartworm several days ago during a routine workup.  Poor baby, she is only seven months old.  She is doing well with her treatments so far but please keep in her your hearts.  MWCR is assisting with her treatment.

New to Rescue!

Silly Lilly!

Busy little long-legged, easy-going Lilly is one honey of a puppy. She is friendly and fearless, sweet and smart and chock full of fun! At four months old she is a little underweight at 33 pounds, but she is well on her way to becoming a big, beautiful, eighty pound, Lassie girl. Continuing her on a premium dog food and supplements will help to rebuild her coat which was damaged by the poor nutrition she endured as a stray. Lilly also has a significant overbite which may or may not require attention once her adult teeth grow in. In the meantime, however, this doesn’t stop her from greeting the world with her happy Lilly smile!

Lilly loves people of every size. Right now she is great with children of all ages and is very gentle. However, as she grows, her puppy energy might be too much for very young children. Lilly does well with her two, older, canine siblings (although her boisterous puppy-play sometimes wears a little thin) and is very curious about the two resident cats (who choose to pretend she doesn’t exist). She now knows her new name and is working on sit and down. Her leash skills are progressing nicely, and housebreaking is very nearly complete. Lilly is teething, so she needs plenty of Kongs and pull toys. She also likes to create her own chew toys by commandeering whatever she can find around the house and in open trash cans, including shoes laces (with the shoes still attached).

At night Lilly sleeps in her crate. She usually has to be coaxed into it, but once there she settles down and does not complain.

Lilly has been recently spayed and is ready for her forever home. She will need a fenced yard to prevent her curiosity and fearlessness from leading her into trouble, but otherwise this playful little girl’s needs are few. She loves everyone and gets along with all ages and species. She is now looking for a forever family to love her and help her grow into the sweet, well-mannered companion that she is ready to become.

Lilly is being fostered in Duluth, MN.