Lady III


6-8-year-old sable and white smooth coated female This Collie has Special NeedsMust have a Fenced YardSeeks companion of feline or canine persuasion

From left to right, at the 2007 Minnesota Pet Expo: Lady III, Mitzi, Shelby, Bonzie

Chester the Sheltie really likes to snuggle with Lady on her bed.

Update February 11, 2007!

Lady III has been doing really well at her foster home. She is happy that the temperature went above 0 degrees because it's much nicer when she can spend more time outside. Her favorite thing to do is roll on her back in the snow!

Medical Update – Upcoming Appointments!
Lady is scheduled to see Dr. Olivero in St. Louis Park on February 19, 2007. She will also be seen by a neurologist at the University of MN veterinary clinic in St. Paul.

New to Rescue!

Lady recently relocated to Duluth, Minnesota – just in time for the really cold weather. But in spite of the cold and her new surroundings, Lady has made great progress from the frightened, confused girl who first arrived at MWCR.

Lady is much improved, both physically and mentally. She has gained several pounds and is now at a healthy weight. Her foster mom says Lady positively wolfs down her food and is very treat motivated, so keeping the newly added weight should be no problem. In fact, she is beginning to take Lady for walks to make sure that she gets plenty of healthy exercise. Lady loves to walk on her leash and moves with confidence when her person is by her side.

Lady is continuing to adjust to the loss of her vision and is learning to use her other senses to get around. She also is using that long collie nose as a “cane” to help her navigate wherever she wants to go. She has no problem walking up stairs, but is still nervous about going down them. Recently, however, she took both a literal and a figurative “leap of faith” and jumped boldly out of her foster mom’s Jeep. When you realize that she can’t see what she is leaping into, you can appreciate the bravery of her act. She will eventually learn to walk down stairs with equal ease.

Lady is a very sweet collie who loves attention, does well with both children and adults and is always happy to meet new people. She gets along well with the two other dogs at her foster home and is never aggressive or destructive. She is extremely gentle and never barks. She knows “sit” and “down” and comes eagerly when called.

Lady is ready for a forever home where she will be lavished with the love and attention that she very much deserves. She has learned that being blind isn’t such a terrible thing when you are surrounded by people who love you, and she hopes that there is a forever family for her who will realize that if she can cope with it, so can they.

New to Rescue!

Imagine that you are lost, frightened, homeless. You are thin and hungry. You don’t know where your friends or family are. Now imagine that you are also blind.

That was Lady’s condition when she was picked up and taken to a local Humane Society. From there she was brought to a loving foster home at MWCR, where initially, Lady was too overwhelmed by her situation to show much interest in anything. She gobbled up her food, but barely reacted when her foster family tried to pet or cuddle or play with her. When she was checked out by the vet, he thought that Lady’s blindness was quite recent and that she was just learning how to deal with her new, frightening condition. He found and removed two, small growths which turned out to be benign and later she was spayed.

With time, Lady has gradually become acclimated to her foster home and is slowly learning to deal with her blindness. She gets along well with the other animals and loves to lean against her foster mom while she is being brushed. She is also good with children, though the sound of a baby crying seems to upset her. Although Lady is gentle with kids, she would probably do best in a child-free home or one with older children who understand the limitations that result from her blindness.

Lady is a six to eight year old, smooth coated girl (possible a collie mix) who is petite and slim. She needs to gain some weight, but since she has a healthy appetite, that should be no problem. She is somewhat shy and reserved with strangers, but is both friendly and loving once she gets to know you. She is also extremely quiet and her foster mom says she hasn’t made a peep since she arrived. Lady is still working on her potty training and when she is left alone her foster mom either crates her or uses a baby gate.

This gentle little lady is looking for a special home that will help her come to terms with her blindness. She will need a fenced yard so she doesn’t accidentally wander off and a single level house since she is frightened to walk down stairs. A gentle, animal companion would be nice and might help build up her confidence. Lady would love a family who could be home with her, perhaps a retired couple or someone who works from their home. Although Lady can’t look into your eyes, she will definitely steal your heart with her sad, soulful expressions and her soft, collie kisses.

Lady III is being fostered in Duluth, MN.