7-year-old sable and white male

Post-Adoption Update March 14, 2007!

Jordan gets along wonderfully well with his new brother, a 9-year old Sheltie named Mozart. Jordan and Mozart share toys, play chase, and dash around the yard, with Jordan attempting to herd Mozart whenever he can. Foster mom sent a green monkey along with Jordan when he was adopted, and he still carries it around and shakes it.

Jordan loves everybody, adults and children, and his new people have had many compliments on his behavior both at the vet's office and at the groomer's because he's so mellow. When Mozart goes to obedience classes, Jordan goes along for the ride and enjoys being out and about and seeing other people and>
Jordan is a love bug and a gentle giant. He has adjusted wonderfully well to his new home, after deciding that the tile floors are okay to walk on. For the first week, his people put throw rugs down for him as stepping stones, and he was very careful to step only on the rugs, but now he's a pro at tile floors. He has the run of the house and never chews. Jordan is very good at getting his Collie nose up on the table to search for errant crumbs that might be up there, but he is learning to lie down and stay during the dinner hour. Since he's a very smart boy, he's learning quickly.

Jordan's new family is so happy to have him, with his sweet disposition and loving nature. Every morning he is the alarm clock for his mom--when she reaches out to turn off the alarm, she is greeted by Jordan's sweet Collie face and a good morning lick. She and Jordan's new dad can't believe how lucky they are to be Jordan's people!

New to Rescue!

Things were going pretty badly for Jordan. His beloved, elderly owner was forced to enter a nursing home and the family dropped Jordan off at the animal control facility. In a crowded facility, an older dog like Jordon already has one paw on death row! He was frightened, stressed and very confused.

But then MWCR heard of Jordan’s plight and brought him to a loving foster home. For a few days he continued to suffer the after effects of his ordeal, but soon his loving, gentle personality began to reassert itself. This beautiful, seven year old, sable and white collie was showing that he still had lots of joy and companionship to bring to a new family.

Jordan is an extremely well-behaved boy who has been neutered and is fully house trained. He never tries to climb on the furniture, being more than happy to simply lie near his humans. He gets along well with other dogs, but is beyond the ultra playful, hyperactive, puppy stage and prefers to just “hang out” and receive lots of love and ear scratches. He has a good appetite and is learning to appreciate treats.

Jordan has some arthritis that causes him to limp slightly, and he is taking medication for that condition. Because of this, his forever home should be a one level house, since climbing stairs could aggravate his condition. He would get along well with other, calm dogs or he would be fine as an “only dog.” Jordan is looking for a forever family who understands that a seven year old collie has lots of time and love to give, and who will lavish him with the attention and affection that he craves. In exchange, Jordan will be a loyal companion who will always greet you with a wagging tail and a smile that will melt your heart.

Jordan is being fostered in St. Paul, Minnesota.