3-year-old tri headed white femaleNot good with Small Children

Post-Adoption Update June 16, 2007!

Skinny Jessie has now become sleek, strong, beautiful Jessie! She has put on ten pounds since going to her forever home north of the border and her coat is thick and shiny. In fact, Jessie has become so good looking that her photo was recently in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Jessieís family has been busy installing 500 feet of new fencing, so now she and her canine sibling have a huge space to run and play. Her mom is writing a book about pets and it will be Jessieís stunning face on the bookís cover. With all these exciting new developments, Jessie canít stop talking about her exciting home. Her mom is trying to teach her that it isnít necessary to express EVERY thought, but so far she continues to be a typical collie: chat, chat, chat.

Oh well. There will be plenty of time later to become the silent, mysterious type, eh.

Post-Adoption Update January 16, 2007!

Jessie is settling is quite well, in fact I just chased her down from the leather couch in my office!! Little bum! She is getting along with the cats and the other dog and is walking/running around the property off her leash. The snow in between her toes slows her down a bit but when she hears the door open she wants to go "walkies."

We are registered for obedience classes in February. She is quite the happy girl when company comes over, and is sleeping through the night on her doggie bed right next to our dog Copper. Everyone is amazed at how well she has settled in as it has only been a week.

She is absolutely beautiful and we love her dearly. Thank you once again for allowing us to adopt this beautiful creature.

New to Rescue!

Jessie is an absolutely stunning, three year old collie girl whose unique coloring (she is a tri-headed white) turns heads everywhere she goes. She is long-legged, tall and lanky, weighing in at only 55 pounds, but with lots of good food and care, she should have no trouble adding a few curves to that angular frame.

Jessie is a very sweet young lady who knows a variety of commands (sit, down, heel, etc.) and is as smart as a whip. She loves to go for walks and is well behaved on a leash unless one of those pesky squirrels distracts her. Because she is easily tempted to chase birds and squirrels, Jessie would do best in a home where she either has a fenced yard or is supervised when outdoors.

At three years old, Jessie still has plenty of youthful exuberance. When she gets excited she tends to bounce around, grab and nibble. For this reason, she would probably do best in a home without young children who could be frightened by her antics. Jessie is a talkative girl who doesnít hesitate to tell you what she wants (sometimes that talking means she needs to go OUT, so pay attention). Normally, however, she settles down when told.

Jessie is looking for an active forever family who will give her plenty of outlets for her energy. She is a very bright, eager to please girl who needs someone who will work with her to help refine her manners and social skills. In return, this happy, fun loving collie will be a lifelong friend and loving companion.

Jessie is being fostered in Wauwatosa, WI.