6-year-old blue merle male

Duke in November 2012, nearly age 13!

New to Rescue!

Duke is an exceptionally, handsome, white factored, blue merle, collie gentleman. He is six years old, neutered and weighs a whopping 91 pounds. He is currently on a special diet and exercise regime to help him shed a few of those excess pounds.

Before he came to MWCR, Duke had a bad reaction to a rabies shot that resulted in some stiffness and weakness in one of his rear legs. This means that when he goes for walks, he has to walk a little slower than most, but otherwise he is perfectly healthy. He is also fully housetrained and does not need a fence in his forever home, as long as he is supervised or on a tie-out. He loves to go for rides in the car and is always ready to hop in and take a little cruise. He knows the basic commands: sit, stay and down, but needs some work on the “come” command. He enjoys being groomed, but doesn’t like to have his nails trimmed.

Duke is a happy, lovable collie who gets along with everyone. He knows no strangers. He is wonderful with children of any age, and also gets along well with other dogs and with cats. He is an obedient, easy going guy who is friendly and playful with everyone he meets. Duke loves to be petted and if any of the other dogs in his foster home are being petted, Duke will bark to demand his share (okay more than his share) of the love.

Duke has some mild separation anxiety and will bark when his foster family leaves the house. He does like the sound of his own voice and also barks to get attention. He will need to be kept on a low calorie diet and must be kept away from “people food” because it makes him sick. This means that his forever family will have to be vigilant, because Duke will counter surf and get into the garbage if given the opportunity.

Duke is the perfect collie for the family that wants a loving, easy going, child-friendly companion. His forever home does not need to have a fence, but if he will be left alone for lengthy periods, another dog would be nice. He loves children and the more attention he can get, the better. If your family is looking for a loyal, lovable friend, Duke is your guy.

Duke is being fostered in Rockford, IL.