Sadie, FKA Copper


10-year-old sable and white female Must have a Fenced Yard

New to Rescue!

Normally it would be very rude to discuss a lady’s age, but when the lady is as beautiful and ageless as Copper, it is permissible. Copper is a graceful, long legged, collie beauty of eleven years. Most people who meet her think that she is much younger because she is still so healthy, with a silky coat and deep expressive eyes. She has received a clean bill of health from the vet and is fully up to date on her vaccinations.

Copper likes to explore her yard, stopping to smell the roses and the perfumes of spring, but is too elegant and refined to engage in any rough-housing with the other collies at her foster home. She has no trouble with stairs and takes them with the same easy grace that she does everything. Naturally, at her age she does have a little arthritis for which her foster mom has started her on an inexpensive supplement of glucosamine/condroitin sulfate. She also appears to have lost some or all of her hearing, although this has not been confirmed by a vet and doesn’t seem to affect her behavior much. Sometimes when she is strolling around her yard, it is hard for her foster mom to get her attention by calling, but once Copper sees her waving, she comes running – looking much like a veteran supermodel striding down the runway.

Copper gets along well with the other collies at her foster home, but has not been exposed to cats, so that is an unknown factor. Her calm, composed behavior makes her very good with children six years or older, although she loves people of all ages, as long as they will pet her and scratch her ears. She seems particularly attracted to men. Copper is fully housetrained and very well behaved.

Copper is looking for a forever home where she can live out her retirement. She likes to wander and since she doesn’t seem to hear when her name is called, Copper will need either a fenced yard or someone to keep a close watch on her when she is outdoors. Her calm, sweet nature, her natural grace and dignity, and her good health all combine to ensure that the lucky family that adopts Copper will have years of joy and love from this beautiful girl.

Copper is being fostered in Esko, Minnesota (near Duluth).