9-year-old tricolor Collie/Aussie male

New to Rescue!

Charlie is a real sweetheart! He is a loving, nine year old collie/aussie mix who came to MWCR from a farm family where he had lived outdoors for the past five months. This was a real change for Charlie because prior to that time he had lived his whole life as an indoor dog with a loving and attentive family. His original family taught Charlie some excellent house manners, and he is fully house trained, well-behaved, and non-destructive.

Charlie’s brief life as an outdoor dog left him with lots of mats and it was necessary to shave him in places to make him more comfortable. But hey, fur grows!!! Charlie’s coat is fluffy and soft with some beautiful blue merle markings around his head and neck, and once his coat grows back, it will be relatively easy to keep it in top condition, since he loves to be brushed.

Charlie is a calm, sweet-natured boy who loves everyone he meets. He is good with children and also gets along well with other dogs and with cats. He likes to go for long walks and is always excited to go for a ride in the car. He doesn’t like crates, but he is so well-behaved in the house that it is never necessary to crate him. He doesn’t climb on the furniture or beds (though he loves to sleep next to his foster mom’s bed just to make sure she is safe) and would rather snuggle with his people than play with toys.

In addition to all his other charms, Charlie is also a great dog to have around if you want to shed a few pounds. He loves to counter surf and any food that is left within his reach, stops being human food and becomes a doggie treat. While Charlie’s foster mom agrees that this is an excellent way for his human family to lose weight, she is working with him to discourage this behavior.

Charlie is a gentle, extremely loving boy who would be a wonderful addition to almost any family. He is easy going, well-behaved, calm, and affectionate. He would happily fit into virtually any situation – children, adults, dogs, cats, whatever. He really is a good time Charlie!

Charlie is being fostered in Minneapolis, MN.