#2289 – Bubba II


5-year-old blue merle male Must have a Fenced Yard

Update October 18, 2006!

Winter is almost here (in fact lately it feels like it is here), and what better way to keep warm than to snuggle up with a big, warm collie! Bubba has lost some weight and is down to a svelte 87 pounds, but he still considers himself a lap dog and never misses a chance to cuddle with (or on) his human. The more he settles into his foster home, the more he shows himself to be an incredibly gentle, sweet-natured boy. He continues to be remarkably quiet for a collie, although he does feel it is his duty to regularly defend his home from the evil, invading, garbage truck, and he bravely drives it away every week.

Bubba’s favorite pastime (when not keeping his foster mom warm on the couch) is swimming. He loves water in any form: swimming pool, lake, even the bath tub. His foster mom has taken to locking the bathroom door to keep him from joining her in the shower!

Bubba’s foster family has decided that his forever home will really need to have a fence, since he tries to chew his way through the rope if he is tied out. He loves to go for walks and is very well behaved on a leash. He also loves being groomed and thoroughly enjoys rides in the car. Bubba is extremely affectionate and craves company, so he will need a forever home that either includes a calm doggie companion or one in which people aren’t gone for long periods of time. Oh, and one other thing, a hot tub would be nice!

New to Rescue!

Bubba is one, big, handsome, collie boy. He is an approximately five year old, neutered, blue merle who was surrendered to MWCR when his owner could no longer care for him due to personal circumstances. He is currently on a diet to lose a couple of pounds, but he is generally a big guy who will always command attention with his size and his striking good looks.

But though Bubba is big on the outside, he is a gentle, little pussy-cat on the inside. His foster mom says he has perfect house manners and is fully house broken. He has all of those attributes that make collies such wonderful companions: he is affectionate, gentle, smart, easy-going, obedient and friendly. And on top of all that, he has one very “un- collie-like” characteristic: he is extremely quiet, having barked only one time since coming to his foster home.

Bubba is friendly with everyone he meets, and though he is sometimes a little skittish around strange men, he warms up quickly. He is good with children and particularly loves older children (7 years or more) who will play with him. At his foster home, he is very sensitive to the young children and when they cry, Bubba cries too. He is also good with his canine foster siblings and is never aggressive with them. He shows no interest in chasing any of the critters (squirrels, bunnies, etc.) that venture into his yard, and though his foster home doesn’t include any cats, Bubba seems to find neighboring cats fascinating. It would be a good idea to “cat test” him before sending him to a forever home that includes kitties. He cannot be placed in a home with birds or small rodents (hampsters, etc.) because he sees them as moving toys.

Bubba is smart and obedient and knows a variety of commands including “sit,” “stay,” “get down,” “no” and “come.” His foster mom says he is so eager to please that it would be easy to teach him additional commands, but he mustn’t be rewarded with food treats since he is currently on a diet. Bubba tolerates grooming well and loves to go for rides in the car. He also walks well on a leash, though he doesn’t like to walk far, preferring to lounge on the couch with his people. He is fearful of loud noises, and when a thunderstorm hits, Bubba wants to climb under the covers with a sympathetic family member.

Bubba is ready for that perfect, forever home. He is very undemanding and would do well with anyone who has lots of love to offer him. A fence is always desirable, but since Bubba sticks close to his family, it is not a necessity. Another dog would also be nice, but not necessary, particularly if his forever home has children to play with him. This gentle boy is an absolute sweetheart, who will be a lifelong source of joy to the lucky family who brings him into their home.