Bandit II


9-year-old sable and white male

Post-Adoption Update on Bandit II!

Bandit is now the only dog in a family with two children, and he loves being the only dog. Bandit and the children have a wonderful time chasing each other around the house, Bandit with a stuffed toy in his mouth so that he can bark and growl his pleasure at having such fun. He has an outbuilding with mice in to patrol and plenty of room to run around. He likes to steal the kids’ gloves when they’re outside playing, which he thinks is quite a lot more fun than the kids do. Bandit recently went to the doggie dentist to have his teeth cleaned, and his new mom says he was “quite a handful” at the vet’s office. Bandit has never been big on medical care, and he doesn’t like walking on slick floors, so the vet’s office is not his favorite place. He’s much better at letting mom brush him now, because mom uses a spray that makes brushing much easier.

Update: November 16, 2006

Bandit has been in his foster home for about a month now, and he becomes more lovable by the day. He initially wanted to spend large amounts of time outdoors, coming inside only to sleep at night, but now he loves to be inside, sticking close to his foster mom. When he first arrived, he had a sore, swollen jaw which was successfully treated with antibiotics and is now completely healed. His foster mom believes that the pain made him a little wary of being indoors, and also added to his fear of slippery floors and his distrust of the vet and the groomer. Let’s face it; none of us are at our best when we are in pain.

But now Bandit has completely overcome his apprehension of shiny floors and has even come to trust the folks at the vet clinic. Grooming is never going to be his favorite thing, but he will tolerate gentle brushing for short periods of time. He is eating well and getting lots of high quality food, and thus he has gained a few of the pounds that his vet recommended.

Bandit is a cheerful, happy, healthy boy with plenty of energy for long walks and chasing the squirrels, whom he regards as his sworn enemies. Outdoors he stays very close to his people, even when he is off leash and always responds quickly when called. Indoors, he is a loving companion and a true gentleman. He has become fully attuned to his foster mom’s routine and sees her off every day by standing at the window and watching her drive away. Mom waves and Bandit wags goodbye.

Bandit is ready to bring affection, joy and companionship to a loving forever home. But squirrels beware: he is also ready to bring a reign of terror to the bushy-tailed rodent community!

New to Rescue!

This Bandit is no outlaw! He is a calm, sweet-natured, well-behaved boy who is a perfect gentleman in the house. He is neutered and fully housetrained, and he loves being petted. Although he enjoys curling up on the bed if allowed, he is also happy to sleep in his own doggie bed on the floor. He is not afraid of many of the household items that spook some dogs such as loud noises, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Although Bandit is probably not a pure bred collie, he is very collie-like in appearance, with typical sable coloring. There may be a little border collie in his family tree, because whenever he sees a squirrel he adopts the traditional border collie stance and intense stare. His records indicate that he is nine years old, but you would never guess it when he is out in the yard playing with his foster brother and terrorizing the squirrels. He is still an active boy who loves to play with toys and go for long walks.

Bandit doesn’t like to go to the vet’s office (who does) or to the groomer, but this is partly because he has an aversion to walking on shiny, slippery floors. He also dislikes being brushed.

Bandit is a real sweetheart, who will be the perfect addition to almost any home. He gets along well with other dogs and has lived in peaceful co-existence with cats. He loves to go for rides in the car and makes a wonderful traveling companion. Given his loving, adaptable nature, Bandit has only one requirement for his forever family: they have to be ready to have their hearts stolen.

Bandit II is being fostered in Marshall, MN.