Teddy, the Collie formerly known as Beethoven


6-8-year-old tricolor male


Update on Teddy, May 9, 2006!

When Teddy first came to MWCR from a shelter in Iowa, he was in pretty sorry shape. He was too thin, had sun damage to his nose and his coat was dry, sparse and brittle. While at the shelter, he had developed a severe limp which they felt was the result of an old injury. The shelter asked MWCR to help with Teddy, and after he arrived at his foster home, he had exploratory surgery on his leg. The surgery removed bone fragments from his leg and since then, Teddy has been gradually learning to use the leg that had caused him so much pain.

Today, Teddy is a new dog! Although his injured leg may never be completely “normal,” he has begun to use it again. When he is in a real hurry, he still reverts to his three legged run, but when his foster mom takes him for leisurely walks, he uses all four. His nose looks much better too, and thanks to a healthy, high quality diet, he has gained weight and his coat has thickened up and regained its lovely sheen. In celebration of the new Teddy, his foster mom has given him an unofficial “birthday” of July 25, 1998. His exact birthday, along with the details of his parentage, was never disclosed to the shelter that took him in, but it is believed that he is a collie/aussie mix.

Teddy is a very mellow, easy going boy who loves to be around people. He also gets along well with other dogs and with cats. Although there are no children in his foster home, he interacts well with the children that he meets when on walks and during visits to the vet. He is crate trained, but is so well behaved that his foster mom says she never crates him when she leaves home or during the night. He is fully house trained.

Teddy’s ideal home will be one in which he is allowed to just “hang out” and be the sweet, mellow Teddy bear that he is. His demands are few: lots of pets and ear scratches, a short stroll now and then, the occasional car ride, tasty food and plenty of love. In return, Teddy will lavish his forever family with all the love and devotion in his gentle soul.
New to Rescue!

Teddy is considered to be an extremely smart boy by his foster mom.  This 6-8 year old guy came from a shelter, left there because his owner could not care for him. When brought to his foster family, he had a name he did not respond to, but in an amazingly short time,  has picked up that he, indeed, is now "Teddy", and  has been continually and eagerly learning new things ever since.

Teddy wants to be playful, but is temporarily unable to romp due to hip surgery for an old injury that was never treated properly.  Within a few months, he will be walking normally, but due to the hip surgery, is currently walking on three legs.  Right now Teddy can't manage a lot of stairs, but does fine with a few steps into the house, and does enjoy going for walks.  Teddy is also being treated for a peeling nose, conjunctivitis and a lick granuloma, all of which he is quickly recovering from. As Teddy's health improves, he will gain some much needed weight and that new sparkle in his eye will become permanent.

Giving collie kisses, along with getting attention and being petted, makes this gentle, mellow boy very happy. When he is hungry, if dinner is not immediately forthcoming, Teddy might like to check out the garbage, but other than this easily remedied tendency, Teddy is a very good boy in the house.  Other dogs are fine with Teddy, and he even knows to pay attention and be respectful to the resident alpha female. Although Teddy has a Border Collie shaped face and ears, he looks like a mahogany sable Collie, and definitely has that wonderful Collie personality. Teddy is looking for a home that will give him the love and care that he well deserves.

Teddy is being fostered in Watertown, SD.