7 year old mahogany sable and white female







Savannah is a lovely, mahogany and white, rough coated collie girl.  She will be seven years old on March 24th, and although she has not yet been spayed, she is scheduled for that procedure on March 28th.  She will also have her teeth cleaned at that time.

Savannah is a really delightful, affectionate and happy girl.  She seems to like everyone, including adults, children, other dogs and even cats.  She is particularly good with young children and came to MWCR from a home where she bonded closely with a five-year-old girl.  Because of their size, many collies are too exuberant for young children, but Savannah is the exception to the rule, and would love to have a little girl or boy to play with.

Savannah knows how to sit and come when called, and is fully housebroken.  She is not at all shy with strangers and is highly expressive.  She is a very chatty girl, and although she doesn't bark any more than most collies, she does like to express herself with lots of collie vocalizations.

This gentle, lovable girl will be ready for her forever home just as soon as she recovers from her upcoming spay.  If you are looking for an easy-going collie with no issues and lots of love, Savannah would like to have a little "talk" with you!

Savannah is being fostered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.