Sabrina – Blue, AKA Brina


Estimated 7-year-old spayed female  Should not be around Cats

Sabrina-Blue wearing a Gentle Leader to help her feel secure.


Sabrina (we call her Brina) is one of the sweetest dogs we've fostered.   She's a blue merle on the petite side.  She loves to be at your side.  Brina was found as a stray, and has easily adjusted to domestic life.  She's completely housebroken, and came trained to go outside immediately after meals.  

She is quiet, but will bark a little squeaky sound when you are playing with her in the yard or she is very excited to see you. 

Brina is approximately 7 to 8 years old, and seems to have some stiffness in her hips that has improved with a good diet, supplements, and buffered aspirin.  She handles stairs pretty well. Brina enjoys being with other dogs, but should not be in a household with cats or other small animals.

She rides well in a car and enjoys walks, though she is just getting used to a leash and wanders back and forth across your path. She doesn't react to bicycles, other dogs, or vehicles while walking. She enjoys soft toys and Greenies. Brina is very pleasant to have around, and seems grateful to be warm and cared for. She often lets out a satisfied groan as she settles into a comfy spot.

Sabrina is being fostered in the Minneapolis area.