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New to Rescue!

Ollie is a very affectionate, blue merle, collie boy who was found wandering loose in a small, Nebraska community.  Although many people thought they knew who Ollie belonged to, this person refused to claim him, and Ollie was taken to the shelter.  Everyone at the shelter loved Ollie (what's not to love!) and one of the people there contacted MWCR to see if we could find a foster home for him.  He had tested positive for heartworm and would need treatment and a quiet place to recover.

Ollie was originally thought to be about ten years old, but his vet now believes he is younger, perhaps about seven.  He has a cataract in one eye and probably sees very little out of it, but that doesn't stop him from getting around perfectly well and playing with his canine, foster brothers.  His foster mom has a daycare and before Ollie began his heartworm treatment, he was a real favorite with the children.  He was very gentle and let the kids climb all over him!

Ollie has had his first heartworm treatment and is currently feeling pretty low.  The injection is given in the muscle next to the spine and results in a very sore, swollen back.  While the treatment is working, it is important that Ollie be kept very quiet, so as not to stress his heart, so Ollie is not allowed to play with the children, other dogs or cats.  This is very hard on Ollie since he really loves attention from the children and misses playing with his bulldog, foster brothers.

Ollie will need to be tested in about five weeks to see if the heartworm treatment has been successful or if he needs a second round.  Check back for updates on this wonderful collie boy. 

Oliver is being fostered in Nevada, Iowa.