6-year-old sable and white maleMust have a Fenced YardNot good with Small ChildrenSeeks companion of feline persuasion

New to Rescue!

If a home is in need of a friend for any resident kitties, this is the boy for you! MacDuff absolutely LOVES kitties. Apparently he had a kitty many years ago, who would curl up in his fur to sleep. When this kitty passed away due to old age, MacDuff missed him terribly. In MacDuff's new foster home, the resident cats were SO eagerly greeted, the resident dogs immediately took second place.

MacDuff was surrendered by his owners because they felt he needed more time, attention and exercise than they could provide him. He is 6 years old, and a strikingly handsome boy, a bit tall and big boned. Along with his good looks, MacDuff has very soulful and intelligent eyes, giving him a regal appearance.

Due to herding tendencies, it is recommended that MacDuff's new home have a fence and no small children. While on walks, MacDuff needs to be under strict leash control, as he will tend to want to herd (translate: lunge/nip) passing joggers, bicyclists or skateboarders. Other than this herding breed trait, and a penchant for food aggression with other dogs, MacDuff is a very good boy. He is housebroken, calm, occasionally a bit barky outside if he feels the need to let you know there are others out and about - but very easily distracted and quieted. Being slightly large and boisterous with people when playing, MacDuff would be a bit much for smaller children. With his intelligence and capacity to learn, MacDuff could be easily trained to settle quickly in most other stimulating circumstances.

MacDuff showed great promise when taken to basic obedience classes, and is very well mannered. He would enjoy additional learning, and would excel beyond these basic lessons, given the opportunity. He would also be a great candidate for herding or agility lessons.

Initially a bit reserved with strangers, MacDuff warms up and shows a great capacity for love and affection to those he is familiar with. Friendly with other dogs, he thoroughly enjoys playing chase in the yard with his foster labrador brother. MacDuff appears to want to be close to a person, and enjoys being indoors. He would be fine as either an only dog, or with other dogs in the household as long as the food situation was monitored. Of course, he feels kitties in any living situation would be greatly appreciated!

This gentle lad is used to living as part of a family, and is asking for somebody to give him again the sense of belonging he was so accustomed to. He asks nothing more than being able to safely entrust his heart unconditionally to somebody who will devote theirs to him in return.

MacDuff is being fostered in Minneapolis, MN