6-year-old Tricolor male

Job is now Penny!

Job was rescued from a situation where, due to many unfortunate circumstances, his life was less than comfortable and safe. A good Samaritan helped him find his way into MWCR and on his way to a better life.

Now, Job now re-named Penny - is a happy energetic fellow who likes to play and romp, and he is incredibly agile. He leaps over objects and jumps into the air to catch things thrown to him. True to his name, Job has put the past behind him with no regrets. He is a sweetheart, and is extremely affectionate. Even though he is 6 years old, his foster mom says he acts like he is 3. Making up for lost time, apparently! Job is housebroken, and knows his basic commands.

Job would do very well with a bit of obedience training, and would be happy to learn just about anything he could to please his new family. He likes to sit at the feet of his foster mom. With his energy and athletic demeanor, agility would be right up this guy's alley. Herding would also appeal to Job, as he has a strong herding instinct. Due to herding desire, Job should not be placed in a home with small children or cats. Job will bark to let you know he is here and because he may want to share with you the story of his life -- and to tell you that although he had a sad beginning to his life, he now knows that there is a very bright future in front of him.