~4-5-year-old smooth coated maleMust have a Fenced YardNot good with Small Children

New to Rescue!

Jingles is a very happy, loving collie.  He is neutered, 4 to 5 years old, and smooth coated (short hair) - thus requiring less brushing and grooming, but shedding the same amount as a rough Collie.  He is a big boy, weighing about 80 pounds, with long legs, a soft sable and white coat and a beautiful, expressive, collie face.  He is extremely intelligent and knows many, many commands.  He also knows some hand signals and responds to a clicker (What is Clicker Training). Jingles has lots of energy and a tremendous desire to please.  He loves to be outside, supervising his foster dad's activities, and follows him everywhere.  He also loves to play ball and will chase it as long as you have energy to throw it!

Jingles also has a calmer, more cuddly, side to his personality.  He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up with his people and get his ears scratched.  He likes to "talk" to his family in that endearing way some collies have.

Jingles gets along well with some dogs, but tends to bully the more passive ones.  He would be fine with an alpha female or with a superior male, but he would also be happy as an only dog.  He is quite protective of his family and his home and thus would do best with a fenced yard and possibly a rural setting.  Jingles should not be placed with very young children.

Jingles is a special dog who is looking for a special forever family.  Like many exceptionally intelligent dogs, Jingles needs a dog-savvy owner who will be his leader (see Nothing in Life is Free) and give him both the love and the direction that he needs.

Jingles is being fostered in Southeastern Minnesota.