21 month old sable and white female

New to Rescue!

Alli is a very sweet and petite little girl.  She loves children and has a slightly shy disposition, but warms up to you before too long.

Alli is a 21 month old female. She was purchased from a pet store as a puppy, and moved in with her owner’s relative soon afterwards. Alli lived with her new family for about a year, and came to MWCR because her family could no longer care for her. She now lives with her foster parents, two younger children, and a cat. She is very curious about the cat because she’s never had one before. Alli is a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves to play with the children and their friends outside. She also enjoys long walks. Alli is quite vocal, and will bark at everyone she sees outside her house. She even barks at the trees to chase the birds from her yard. Alli is shy when it comes to meeting new people. However, once she gets to know them, she is friendly. Alli knows some basic commands and seems to catch on to new ideas quickly.

Alli is being fostered in Green Bay, WI.