One of the dictionary definitions of "wyle" is "to beguile," and in 
that case, our Wylie is very aptly named. This striking, three year 
old, neutered male is beguiling in both looks and personality. He is a 
tri-headed guy whose mostly white body includes splashes of black on his back and tail. His fur is long and silky, and he has a beautiful, 
fluffy tail.

Wylie's ways are as beguiling as his looks. He is extremely 
affectionate, loves being petted and really leans into you when being hugged. He is housebroken and quite well behaved in the house (except when tempted by a particularly enticing scent from the kitchen trash can!). He gets along well with cats and other dogs, and he is great with children, although his boisterous play style might be too rough for very young children.

Most of Wylie's young life has been spent outdoors, so he is in the 
process of learning what it means to be an indoor dog. Though he has taken well to most indoor things, slippery floors still scare him, and he tries to avoid them as much as possible.

When Wylie was an outdoor dog, he had a very nasty encounter with a car that left him with a broken leg. The break was never treated, and though it has healed now, he still has a slight limp and sometimes holds up his right front leg. Wylie has never forgotten or forgiven the 
injury caused him by a car and tries to avenge himself by chasing cars and motorcycles whenever he sees them. For this reason, he will need to be leashed or in a fenced yard whenever he is outdoors.

Wylie needs to gain a few pounds (he was very thin when he first came to MWCR) before he can go to his forever home, but when he is ready he is hoping for a loving family with a fenced yard and maybe a lake place (Wylie loves the water and regards the lake as a playground). He would also enjoy having another dog or some older children to play with. And one more thing, lots of petting and hugs!


He is being fostered in the Brainerd, Minn area