Prince (the collie known as)


10 year old sable male Should not be with other dogs









Poor Prince. He lived with, loved, and was devoted to his elderly owner for over nine years. Sadly, this human that meant the world to Prince, died a year and a half ago. Since then, Prince has been moved from home to home. All he wants is another human or couple to love for his remaining years. He will be 11 years old on November 6th of this year (2004) and would make a wonderful companion to anyone willing to take him into their lives and hearts. Prince is a handsome, loving, sable, collie boy. He is playful for a senior dog. He is very good with cats, and really enjoys a good rawhide chew. He also enjoys going for a ride in the car and likes being groomed. He loves to go for short walks, but barks and wants to chase after cars, bicycles, etc., so he needs to work on improving his leash skills. He does limp from time to time due to a bit of arthritis. Prince never begs, nor does he "counter surf". 

Although he gets along well with most dogs, because Prince likes to follow his human everywhere, he doesn't appreciate competition for attention from other dogs. For this reason, he needs a home where he would be the only dog.

He is a really sweet and affectionate boy who is very good about not jumping up on the furniture. He is housebroken. He has a good appetite.

This loving, gentle collie boy is looking for a forever home in which to spend his golden years. He still has many active years ahead. Prince is looking for a home filled with love and hugs. 

Prince is being fostered in the Madison area. 

Prince  is being fostered in the Madison area