PresleyMust have a Fenced Yard


8 year old sable rough male



Presley singin' the jailhouse rock


Bio for Presley
Presley (the collie formerly known as Elvis) came to MWCR from a small shelter in Iowa. When he first came to us, we were told that his name was Elvis, but since he didn't respond to that name (perhaps he was traveling incognito), it was changed to Presley. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owner due to his "frequent flier" status. He had been living as an outdoor dog, and every time he heard thunder or fireworks, he would escape and wind up at the shelter.

Presley is eight years old going on two. He has lots of energy and vitality and sports a gorgeous, full, sable and white coat with beautiful markings that make him look bigger than his 59 pounds. He should gain about five to ten pounds to reach his ideal weight. He is neutered, healthy and has just had his teeth cleaned.

Presley is adapting well to his status as an indoor dog and is loving it. He has had no accidents in the house and is thrilled to be inside during those terrifying moments of thunder and fireworks. During those scary times, he rests quietly in his crate and seems calm in the presence of a human. He is crated when his foster mom is not at home to watch him. 

Presley has been learning on the "Nothing In Life Is Free" training method (see the Related Links section on the MWCR web site) and is an excellent student. He knows "sit" and "wait" and is turning into quite the polite gentleman. He walks well on a leash using a Gentle Leader and gets so excited when he sees his leash that he sometimes leaps straight into the air. He also rides well in the car.

Presley loves to romp in the dog park where he plays with the other dogs and chases squirrels. But no matter how much fun he is having, he always makes frequent stops for patting and human attention. Presley is a PEOPLE dog. He sometimes gets vocal when excited, but will stop barking if given the "no bark" or "sit" command. (It is hard to bark when you're concentrating on mastering that "sit" thing!) He is enthusiastic about everyone and everything. He enjoys other dogs, people of all ages and is fascinated with cats. (At first he thought they would play, but no luck!)

Presley is looking for a forever home with a VERY secure, fenced yard due to his history of escapes and his love of adventure. He wants an active family that will spend lots of time with him and that will enjoy taking him for the long walks that he loves. Just remember that from time to time he will have to stop and greet his adoring fans. After all, he is The King.

* Presley has graduated from from crate confinement to having the run of a room while I am gone and at night. He is a VERY good boy. His recall has vastly improved as well. 

Presley is being foster in the Marshall, MN