10 year old blue smooth male


Paisly is now he is in his new home

the life of Baci!!

Jingle bells.......



You can see where he gets his name.  Paisley's coloring (blue merle) and his coat (smooth) are both unusual and eye catching.  He is a ten year old collie boy with lots of love and companionship to give.
Paisley is sweet and mellow, but also enjoys playtime with both people and other dogs.  His recent health evaluation indicates that he is in great health, although like most of us, he could afford to lose a few pounds.  He has a very quiet bark and may even have been de-barked at some time.
Because he's become a little "portly," Paisley has had to cut back on the treats.  But there is one treat that Paisley can't get enough of - love!  He is waiting for a loving, forever home where he can spend the rest of life.
Paisley is being fostered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.