8 year old rough sable headed white female












Mindy (short for Melinda) is an eight and a half year old, sable and white, collie girl, with an incredibly soft, thick coat. In the early part of her life, Mindy was used for breeding. Later, through no fault of her own, Mindy was shifted from one home to another until she was finally taken in by MWCR. When she arrived at her foster home, her beautiful, thick fur was filthy and covered with burrs. Even though it took her foster family hours to groom and bath her, Mindy patiently endured the process, and when it was complete, she looked and felt like a new dog!

Mindy has probably spent most of her life outdoors, and she loves to be outside, running and playing with her foster, collie sister. She has several acres to play in and always follows her collie sibling back into the house when called. Because the yard is not fenced, Mindy's foster family has not allowed her to run loose without her doggie escort.

Mindy's early life did not include much luxury. She doesn't seem to know what to do with toys or treats, although she loves pigs ears and reacts to them almost like a cat to catnip. She is a little shy with new people, but soon warms up and enjoys being petted and having her ears rubbed. She loves to be groomed and her foster family brushes her every day.

For an outdoor dog, Mindy has adapted well to indoor living. She is housebroken, quiet and non-destructive. She sleeps in her crate or doggie bed and doesn't jump up on the furniture. She walks well on a leash and rides well in a car, although she is a little timid about getting into the car. 

Mindy gets along well with other dogs, though initially she is a little dominant. She is tolerant of cats, basically treating them as if they are beneath her notice. Although her foster family does not include children, she is a gentle girl and probably would be good with older, respectful children.

Melinda is a healthy, loving girl who is looking for a family who will shower her with the love and attention that has been missing from her life so far. She has many happy years ahead and hopes to spend then in a forever home that would ideally include a fenced yard and perhaps another dog of her own age. 

Melinda is being fostered in Bowlus, Minnesota