9 year old mahogany sable male


Max, with his new 3-month-old sister Kelly!



Bio for Max
Max is an extremely handsome, nine year old, mahogany sable male.  He has been neutered, and is fully housebroken.  He is a playful guy who enjoys a rousing game of ball with his humans or a good chase with his canine friends.  But when playtime is over, Max just loves to snuggle up, hang out, and be your best friend. 
Next to playing and cuddling, Max's favorite thing is food.  He will instantly "sit" or "shake" but he then wants to be rewarded with a treat.  He also knows the "down" command, but has decided that the "treat" part should come before the "down" part.  He is an enthusiastic eater at dinner time, and his foster mom often puts a chew bone or a Kong in his food dish to slow him down a little.  In spite of all this, Max is not food aggressive.
Max prefers walking to riding.  He loves to go for long walks and behaves very well on a leash.  Car rides are another matter.  Max thinks he likes car rides and will eagerly hop into the car.  Once it starts moving, however, Max has second thoughts and becomes nervous.  His foster mom has found that giving him a bone or chew toy helps to calm him down.
Max's ideal home would include a fenced yard (since he finds chasing cars more appealing than riding in them) and a family without young children.  He becomes quite boisterous when he plays, and might be too much for small children.  Also, Max can become assertive with other dogs, so he would get along best with a female doggie companion.  But most importantly, Max's ideal, forever home would be filled with love and attention (and the occasional treat wouldn't hurt either!)
Max is being fostered in Waukesha, Wisconsin