8 year old sable female






You'll love Lucy!!
Like her famous namesake, our Lucy is a funny, cheerful girl who loves to make people laugh.  She is a beautiful, light sable and white, eight year old, spayed female.  The first six years of her life were spent as an outdoor dog, but she has learned to enjoy the good life as a much loved, indoor dog.
Lucy is an extremely affectionate, playful girl who loves frolicking with both people and other dogs.  Her love of treats shows in her "full figured," 78 pound physique, but the extra pound or two doesn't slow her down, and she is still a very active girl in the prime of life.  She gets along well with other dogs, but doesn't care much for cats.
Lucy is a real character who seems to walk through life with a smile on her face.  She even enjoys being groomed, wiggling and moving around so that her favorite spots get the most attention.  Her zany antics keep her foster family constantly amused, but if the mood changes and one of her foster collie siblings is getting scolded, Lucy makes herself scarce until the storm blows over.  And, speaking of storms, thunderstorms are one of the few things that can darken this happy girl's day.  She is very frightened of storms and if left alone during a severe one, she might has an accident in the house.
Lucy is ready to bring laughter and joy to her new, forever family.  That family could include another dog but wouldn't have to.  Either way, you'll find that you'll love Lucy and Lucy will love you.



Lucy is being fostered in Duluth, Minnesota